Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Farewell to a captain

Ever since I know baseball, I know that theres a captain.  The first one I knew was Don Mattingly.   I grew up with a father that loved baseball.  Yankee baseball.  I was born a Yankee fan.  Any other way would have been against nature.

I played softball as soon as I could and I wanted to be Don Mattingly.  When his time was up I could never imagine another stepping into those shoes.

 Enter Derek Jeter.

I'm not going to lie, I don't remember how I felt when Derek came to the Yankees and became captain. I dont recall feeling upset or stubborn, I was too young and hopeful for any of those feelings.  I wasnt jaded yet.

However  what I do remember is the first time I watched Derek play.  All I could think was "hustle".  He played fast and he played hard.  he was always eager and he always gave his all.  And thats all I wanted to be.  That was how I wanted to play.  So I did.  I was all star every year I played.  I taught my teammates how to play, what their strengths were and what their opponents weakness' were.  We made our way to the championships for the 4 years that followed.

Once high school began and I didn't have the free time to play softball anymore I just enjoyed the game.  I watched games and felt the thrill you all felt.  The game he dived into the stands.  The November he made it happen. Hit number 3,000.  He is greatness, he is New York and he is always class.

Derek Jeter became a mentor to me. He taught me humbleness, hopefulness, positivity and class .  Derek Jeter is the Yankees.  From going to Yankee games and rocking that number two jersey and chanting that famous "De-rek Je-ter" chant, he is my friend in my head.  He taught me how to win championships.  He taught me how to lose with dignity.  He helped me become a leader.

With this being his last All Star game and final season I sat here and reflected on these memories.  I am thankful for Derek Jeter.  I am thankful for making me the Yankee fan I am.  I will never stop being a Yankee fan after his final game, but I will see the game differently . Derek Jeter is one of a kind.  Nobody will ever respect the game the way he does.  Nobody in my generation will be the class act that he is.

In some of the most darkest times of my life all I had was baseball.  All I had was the New York Yankees.  All I had was this blog.  Many times, baseball saved my life.

Without Derek Jeter, my life may have turned out differently.  I may have missed out on baseball.  I may have given up on it.  I may have given up on me.

With all that being said, thank you Derek.  Thank you for stepping up and being the captain I needed you to be. The captain New York needed you to be.  We will never forget you.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

David Robertson

just blew this game.  Ughhhhh.  Kids got the weight of the Yankee world on his shoulders.  And we all know that's a big world.  Good luck young sir -_-


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Mariano the fighter

When Mariano Rivera tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee last Thursday, he was carted off the field, taken to a hospital in Kansas City, placed in a magnetic resonance imaging tube, and told to stay off his feet as much as possible for several days.
Ray Stubblebine/Reuters
But since then, a blood clot developed in his right calf, Rivera said Wednesday, and was treated successfully with medication. He still plans to have surgery on the knee within two weeks, and remains confident that he will pitch again next year.
“I am going to work hard,” said Rivera, the Yankees’ closer since 1997 and the major leagues’ career saves leader. “That, I can guarantee you. I will work hard to come back as soon as I can.”
Rivera said the clot was discovered during follow-up examinations Monday in New York when he reported pain in his right calf, below the damaged knee. Tests revealed the clot, so Rivera remained overnight in the hospital. He was treated with blood-thinning medication, which he said eliminated the danger.
But for a few agonizing hours, he was not worried about pitching again at all.
“I was scared,” he said at a news conference Wednesday. “I was scared because I never hear good things about blood clots. I was scared, definitely. When I heard that, I take it like: ‘O.K., what do we have to do? We have to go to the doctor, and I might have to stay there several days? Find me a room.’ ”
According to Dr. Craig Levitz, the chief of orthopedic surgery at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, N.Y., blood clots are not uncommon for older patients who tear knee ligaments. Rivera is 42, and qualifies as an older patient.
Levitz, who has not been involved in Rivera’s treatment, said a clot could develop in an older patient whose body remained motionless for extended periods, as when someone tears a knee ligament. Younger patients tend to have better circulation, so when they lie down to elevate the injured knee, clots are less likely to form.
“The clot is almost certainly a result of the tear,” said Levitz, who estimated he had surgically repaired 4,000 torn knee ligaments. “It’s not surprising at all, but once you know it’s there, it’s very treatable and more of an inconvenience.”
Levitz also said that clots in the calf are far preferable to clots that form above the knee, which can be very dangerous.
Rivera said the surgery to repair his knee had not yet been scheduled because he must first regain the full range of motion, which is typical for patients who tear knee ligaments. Before he has the operation, Rivera will go off the blood-thinning medication for 24 hours, then go back on it afterward.
Levitz said that the blood-thinning agents might make Rivera’s initial recovery period more challenging because there will be more blood in the knee joint, but that the situation would not affect his long-term recovery.
“His rehab will be a little harder in the first couple of weeks,” Levitz said, “but eventually he will be fine. He should be able to make a complete recovery. He’s way better off having this surgery than something on his shoulder.”
Rivera’s agent, Fernando Cuza, was the first to mention a complication with Rivera’s injury, but he did not reveal the specific problem. When Rivera was asked in the news conference what the complication was, he said: “I just feel old. Working with these crutches is no fun at all.”
Rivera, who hurt the knee while shagging fly balls, said the next day that he would not retire after such a freakish injury. On his arrival at spring training in February, Rivera hinted that he might retire after this season. He said he had made his decision but would not reveal it then.
But on Wednesday, Rivera said he had been thinking he would return anyway, regardless of the injury.
“I was leaning towards coming back,” he said. “I was feeling strong on that. It’s hard. I was waiting how I feel with the traveling and the games. It’s the same. The traveling, I hate it. The playing, I love it.”
In Rivera’s absence, the Yankees turned to the eighth-inning man Dave Robertson as their closer. On Tuesday night, Robertson earned his first save of the season in dramatic fashion, securing the final out with the bases loaded.
Rivera said he watched it all from his couch, and was as nervous as a fan.
“I sweat,” he said. “I was yelling: ‘Throw the ball like this! Throw the ball like that!’ I think he heard me.”

-New York Times

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home opener and the return of my baseball happiness.

What up y'all??!! Happy baseball season to everyone.  Now we can all go back to being normal human beings and enjoy life again.  That was extreme, I'm speaking for myself actually.

So I had the pleasure of enjoying the first game of the season at Yankee stadium this past Friday thanks to my buddy Matt.  Felt good to be at the stadium again, good vibe in the air and it was a great game. I am however pissed that there are no new food options at the stadium.  I was expecting one or two new items!  I did a quick lap and didn't see anything so if I missed something please let me know. Why has nobody set that garlic fries stand on fire yet??? Jesusssss

**Thanks to @legendary4and9 who informed me that the wings section is new as well as fried oreos.  How did I miss FRIED OREOS??!!

Is there anything you would like to see added to the stadium?  I personally would like a better pizza option, we are in New York after all!  What do you think?

Here are some pics....

Jorge throwing out the first pitch...

A pic of this kid that just looked simply mortified by us for the entire game, I can't really blame him actually.

A pic of the dope show shirts my friend Matt makes, if your interested hit him up on twitter @matt_harris
I've never seen someone get stopped at Billy's so many times over a shirt!!

Ok I am going to enjoy the rest of the game that's going on now, 11-5 Yankees!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Nick Swisher......my father says "he got married now hes all screwed up....he needs a shrink. If nothings wrong with you mechanically then its mental."

Very smart that guy.