Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Andy butts out

So Andy Pettite has declined his $16M option w the Yankees. Andy is no dumb dumb. He knows we need him, so we'll chase him and his butt chin into free agency.We really don't have many options at this point. Either that or he's afraid of living life as a major leaguer without chasing around Roger Clemens. I would like to think its the first thing I said.

Oh Joba, how the weight of the world is on your shoulders...

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Alfred said...

It hurts alot to have Andy opt out, it means that he cant make up his mind. I know he isnt a despicable vampire like Alex Rodriguez, but this really really scares me. Andy has been a cornerstone for the Yankees for so long, and I dont think any team will offer him more than 16 million dollars, other than the Yankees. I hope he is just pulling a bluff, and making up his mind to see if he will pitch next year.

I really really hope he comes back next year, but this move just breaks my heart.