Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcome to Yankee Bitch!!

I decided to start this site as an outlet for my Yankees obsession. I am 24 year girl who grew up watching and looking up to the Yankees. My father was always a Yankee fan so I was always home watching the games w/ him.

Yes bitches, you are visiting a Yankee blog maintained by a girl.

What better time to start this blog than now. With all the drama going on during the off season, this blog might be the only thing that saves me from having a nervous breakdown! In time I hope this blog grows and becomes a little community for all Yankee fans to post there thoughts and opinions.

So thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will do so now and then for your New York Yankees fix.

xoxoxoxox Marisol

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Supramaxx said...

The past six years have been the most painful for me as a Yankee fan, we havent had a feel good year since 2001. Right Now the Yankees are undergoing the most drastic change ever, were gonna cut payroll, refrain from signing expensive Free Agents, and build a great rookie foundation, while Derek takes care of the leadership. Time for a change.