Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Santana Madness

Since word broke yesterday that the Yankees have started talks with The Twins about aquiring Johan Santana, the yankee nuts have been a buzz. Right now it looks like the trade will involve Melky Cabrera and Phillip Hughes/Ian Kennedy. Some of you are upset by this, saying we should keep the younger guys and build from there. And others cant wait for us to pull the trigger on the deal.

But now the rumors are starting to heat up regarding trades with the twins, that may leave Johan Satana just where he is....

Keeps getting better by the hours....

The Saga continues.....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hope all my fellow Yankee fans are having an awesome Thanksgiving, I know I have!!

Yankeeograpy all nite bitches....I'm really sick in the head no? Lol

So I heard that my Shelly is in the hospital...hope hes okay, because were supposed to get married ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gimme Gimme Mo...

Mariano Rivera has accepted a 3 year, 45 million dollar deal from the Yankees, making him the highest paid reliever in the game. His contract surpasses Billy Wagner's 10.75 mill a year contract. The Yankees had originally offered 39 million to Rivera but when he didn't jump at it, increased it to 45 million. Rivera still didn't jump and wanted a fourth year, but the Yanks stood firm at their offer. Yesterday Mariano left a message with the front office saying he would accept the offer. his contract is pending a physical.

I am thrilled Mo is back, especially after I heard Girardi say yesterday that he would make Farnsworth the closer. Yikes.

My fathers B day is next Monday so I just ordered him The Bronx is Burning DVD set. Hope he likes it :)


Monday, November 19, 2007


To Alex Rodriguez for him being MVP this year. Again. ;)


Also...Mike Lowell has agreed to the 3 year deal with Boston. There were many outlets reporting he wanted a fourth year, and the Yankees offered him 4 years. But in the end he stayed with the team he loves. And his weird beard. Awwwwwww.


Here it is the Monday before Thanksgiving and we all wait to see when Arod officially signs. We are also waiting to see when Mariano Rivera will speak. All has seemed a little quiet the past few days. Hopefully it will stay like this until December or January when other decisions will be made. Oh wait, were talking about the Yankees, so probably not.

The other buzz going on is will we still pursue Santana? As they say, everything has its pros and cons. The downfall is the trade we will probably have to make. I would hate to see Hughes go ( cause it sure as shit wont be Joba)but if we did and he doesn't keep declining like others on some of the boards are saying, then it would be worth it. We shall see.

I want to thank everyone that has been coming by to check this blog, it means alot. I also appreciate the comments you leave, its cool to see your opinions. I know the site is very simple right now but over the course of this off season I will be working to make it more up to date. So keep coming by to see the changes!!

Lastly, if you have something baseball related that you would like to write about...anything at all, and you would like it posted up here, please send it to me at


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Barry Bond indicted.

I'm not going to get to much into this right now but Barry Bonds aka the biggest MLB tool has been indicted for obstruction of justice and purgery.

Ummm, he lied about taking steroids. Duh. Take away the homers and take his big ass to jail and get the biggest dude in there to rape his ass. yeah I said it. This guy is such a douchebag, its about time!!

Thoughts or Rants?

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I will be updating tonight....going to eat dinner, finish watching Mike and the Mad Dog then watch Hot Stove!!!! so excited, I'm such a dork.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The A-Rod saga continues....

Just when you thought it was over, A-rod speaks. Alex issued a statement on his website...

"After spending time with Cynthia and my family over these last few weeks, it became clear to me that I needed to make an attempt to engage the Yankees regarding my future with the organization.

Prior to entering into serious negotiations with other clubs, I wanted the opportunity to share my thoughts directly with Yankees' ownership. We know there are other opportunities for us, but Cynthia and I have a foundation with the club that has brought us comfort, stability and happiness.

As a result, I reached out to the Yankees through mutual friends and conveyed that message. I also understand that I had to respond to certain Yankees concerns, and I was receptive and understanding of that situation.

Cynthia and I have since spoken directly with the Steinbrenner family. During these healthy discussions, both sides were able to share honest feelings and hopes with one another, and we expect to continue this dialogue with the Yankees over the next few days."

(giggles at all the mentions of cynthia)

There are so many theories running through my mind right now. One is that the grass simply was'nt greener on the other side and this is a whole backpeddling scheme to cover up that there is no bigger offer out there. OR Alex doesnt want to look like a dick to all the fans if in fact he does return or well...just in general. OR this is all a media hype on his end to make other teams think that the Yankees are still in the mix and that they need to up the ante. I'm going with all of the above.

A part of me dispises this man as a ball player. The other part really respects his skills as an athlete ( yeah yeah, not the October athlete.) I wouldnt really mind if he came back to the team ( you have to admit that it was pretty amazing everytime he hit a homer during this past season, every game was another shot at greatness for him.), but can I really cheer for him at a game whole heartedly? Can I ignore that same gut instinct I had about this guy the whole time he was on the Yanks that would never allow myself to buy his jersey or t-shirt? I'm not sure. But the bottom line is him coming back for some ridiculous amount of money is out of the question. I hate myself for even wanting to say 200M would be ok (stomach churning).

We should be spending the money on Cabrera or any decent pitcher out there. But then again we are talking about the Yankees, the real big show.

Something told me it wasnt over w Alex. If he does come back, I'm thinking hes going to have to prove himself to us all over again. Lord knows we didnt make it easy the first time around.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just in..

NEW YORK -- Mariano Rivera was offered a $45 million, three-year contract to stay with the New York Yankees. Now, the team is waiting to hear back from its star closer.

"He'd be by $4 million a year the highest-paid relief pitcher," Yankees senior vice president Hank Steinbrenner said Tuesday. "To say that's a strong offer would be an understatement."

Its Jorge bitch!

Jorge Posada is now the highest paid catcher in MLB. The Yanks and Jorge came to a deal last night. Finally there is some stability for the team this off season.

Jorge signed to a 4 year deal worth 52.4 million bucks. Some people say the deal is a risk for the Yanks considering Jorge is already 36, but the numbers and dedication that Jorge has shown for the Yankees speaks for itself.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hip Hip???

According to Yankeenews Jorge is "very close" to signing a new deal with the Yanks.

Did anyone see Jorge at the Knicks game? Hes taller than I thought. That uniform is tricky trcky.

Yankees vs. Dodgers

Copy and paste the link for an interesting article on the revival of The Yankees-Dodgers rivalry.

Friday, November 9, 2007


The Angels have finally confirmed their interest in A-Rod. He could ask for over 300 million.

Joe Torre plans on writing a memoir about his 12 years with the Yankees.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Not likely, but the Yanks are offering arbitration to Alex. Not in an attempt to keep him, but to obtain whatever team he signs with first draft pick as well as a second.

You had to see my face when I picked up the Post this morning. I thought we went and built that planet he asked for. Whewww!!!

I think this is definetly a wise move. Win/Win situation perhaps?

Also, todays post mentions that the Yanks have no interest in trading Johnny "Fucken" Damon. I dont know who started that rumor, but it was evil. Evil I say!! The thought of the hottness of Johnny Damon not being around next season on top of all the nonsense thats already going on was just to much to bare.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Worth it?

How are people feeling about the Bobby Abreu option being picked up?

I personally feel he needs a good smack in the ass to wake up when he's playing that outfield. Is running too much to ask for in baseball?

Andy butts out

So Andy Pettite has declined his $16M option w the Yankees. Andy is no dumb dumb. He knows we need him, so we'll chase him and his butt chin into free agency.We really don't have many options at this point. Either that or he's afraid of living life as a major leaguer without chasing around Roger Clemens. I would like to think its the first thing I said.

Oh Joba, how the weight of the world is on your shoulders...

A-rod is a lunatic.

Maybe thats why I get hot when I think about him. Wait, thats a whole other entry for whole other blog.

Is this guy fucking crazy? $350 Million? Nobody on this entire planet should make that kind of money. Arod also said he would like his own planet in space. No not an existing one, a brand new one made from scratch.

LA must be a nice place....for rejects.

I must admit that at first I was shocked by the news that Joe Torre was going to be the Dodgers new manager. I mean the Dodgers? Really? That's gonna be fun for Joe. He couldn't win with MVP's. Is he going to win with a bunch of losers? We shall see. Don't get me wrong, I think Joe did a wonderful job for a number of years with the Yankees,but the last few of those years we watched him make lazy mistakes. It was time for new blood and we finally got it.

Torre said Don Mattingly and Larry Bowa will accompany him from New York as two members of his coaching staff in Los Angeles. Mattingly lost out to Joe Girardi for the Yankees' managerial job.

Mattingly may be the team's hitting coach, according to a source cited by 1050 ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand.

Mattingly was the Yankees' bench coach under Torre last season. He was the hitting coach for three seasons before that.

Bowa told Marchand that he'll be with the Dodgers, either as Torre's bench coach or third base coach. He was the Yankees' third-base coach last season.

I love Donny. Growing up he was my baseball idol. He played first base and so did I. He had a mustache. An awesome one at that. How could you not love Donny? But we did make the right decision not making him our manager. We dont need lovable. We need bite. We need grrrrrr. Girardi looks like he would choke a bitch. And I like it ;)

Welcome to Yankee Bitch!!

I decided to start this site as an outlet for my Yankees obsession. I am 24 year girl who grew up watching and looking up to the Yankees. My father was always a Yankee fan so I was always home watching the games w/ him.

Yes bitches, you are visiting a Yankee blog maintained by a girl.

What better time to start this blog than now. With all the drama going on during the off season, this blog might be the only thing that saves me from having a nervous breakdown! In time I hope this blog grows and becomes a little community for all Yankee fans to post there thoughts and opinions.

So thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will do so now and then for your New York Yankees fix.

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