Monday, April 14, 2008

Yankees vs Rays April 14th

Alex is en fuego tonight. He is 4 for 4 in this game.

Top of the seventh inning Yankees lead it 7-2.

Glad to see the Yankees swinging their bats well tonight :)

Update Ian Kennedy is taken out of the game due to getting hit in the hip with a ball that was hit at the plate. :(

Yankees bring in Traber.

He gives up a 2 run homer. Hes out Brian Bruney is in. Hes throwing some heat.

Spoke too soon, BJ upton hits a 2 run homer. This is now a one run ballgame. 7-6

Jesus Christ. Another homer by Evan Longoria, his first homer in majors. This is now a tie game.

Cano comes in to pinch hit for Gonzalez, a move that i just cursed out, but ended up working out, Cano smashes a Homer and is out of his slump! Yaaaaaay.

Mariano comes in to close it. Yankees win!!!! 8-7

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Al said...

nice game on da real