Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wang out till September; Baby Boss pissed.


Just when things seemed to be going good for the Yanks, disaster strikes. I had such a bad feeling watching Wang on the bases in that game, he shouldve been out at first, with that terrible bunt. When I saw him running to second base it was like watching a deer in headlights, so I just had a bad feeling and it happened.

What happens from here? As of now Cashman says he will look withing to fix the problem. Dan Giese is scheduled to replace Wang in his next start. Giese has been good in situations like this so far, lets hope he delivers. But dont let that stop the CC Sabathia rumors. If he becomes available, I dont care what they are saying now, we are dropping money on this guy and making a trade, we've got plenty of players in the minors right now that would be a suitable trade.

Yankees vs Padres tonight. Andy Pettite on the mound.

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Al said...

im pissed also, i hope we get an adequate replacement