Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yankees answer back. Yanks vs Pirates 6.25.08

Now this what I expect from a Yankee game! And I got to watch it all in glorious HD (thanks to my friend who just got a wonderful HD tv, I'm not sure but I think you may find me coming over alot more!). Joba had an awesome start tonight and got his first major league win (yay Joba!). This kid has got amazing stuff and the decision to make him a starter was the right one. He's going to make history. yup Yankeehottie is calling it!! The boys were swinging there bats mighty well tonight all resulting in a 10-0 win for the Yankees. Here's some observations and odds and ends from the game..

I got to see Justin Christian in HD...hes no longer a contender...

The pirates have some ugly fucking players! They all look just a tad "special".

Apparently some of the Pirates share the same prostitute, did you see Dirty Herpes Sanchez? (The second baseman) Yeah that's def a herp on his lip and I saw it on another player but cant recall the name. Wrap it up boys!!

The bridge behind that stadium is possibly a painting.

Joba scares me when he plays with his mouthpiece.

Doug Menkewhatever needs to stop sucking the Yankee's dick.

Giambis stache is brown as hell, it gets better and better I tell ya.

My ex boyfriend Andy Phillips has cleared waivers and gone to the Mets. Out of all the cities in the world, you had to come in to mine....

On another note, I want to thank the people who come to read my little blog, its not full of stats and all that but I figure theres plenty of those blogs, its just my personal opinion with a little bit of humor, I read your comments and it means alot, keep em coming!

xoxoxo Marisol


Anonymous said...

hahaha, they share the same pro... i was wondering what that was on sanchezs face

Anonymous said...

Elliot Spitzer is jealous.