Sunday, June 29, 2008

Take that Kennedy!

“Right now we’re not really thinking of him,” he said. “We like the way our other (starters) are throwing the ball. I mean, you have to earn your call-up. … You have to earn your spot back. You have to pitch well to earn your spot back. He has to pitch well. He was optioned out, this is him getting right. This is like the other 175 players in the minor leagues, or however many there are.”

Joe Giardi on Ian Kennedy via Pete Abrahams blog


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Anonymous said...

This comment from Girardi really bothers me. He slaps down Kennedy, devalues him even further in terms of trade value, it erodes confidence.

There may be very fundamental reasons why Girardi was canned after being named MOY.

He has shown he is more than willing to lie. He makes some really dumb moves with his lineup (such as what he put together yesterday).

This just isn't smart business. Something like that should only be said behind closed doors.