Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yankees split the doubleheader yesterday/Yanks vs Mets 6.28.08

Blog posts are going to be light today

So the Yanks got spanked 12- 5 in the first game by the Mets....grrrr I missed this game bc like a normal person I was working.

Second game we answered back with a 9 zip shutout. Thank god. So are we digging Ponson? I am. He looked amped yesterday. Apparently Girardi is digging him as well, bc he will be starting instead of Giese vs Texas. Should be interesting considering they hate him and he really hates them.

Today's game is in the bottom of the sixth at the time of this post and its 3-2 Yankees.

Observations and thoughts so far...

David Wright ain't that hot. I really don't get it.

I'm out of love with Derek today (I have this love hate thing with him, as a man not a player. I love Derek the player.)

Thank effin god that Igawa got sent back down. They need to trade that fool and get something for him...geez

Enjoy the game kids.....Marisol/Yankeehottie

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Anonymous said...

Gotta know from one who probably has a good sense for things like this...
Is Jose Reyes gay? His actions, facial expressions, even the way he walks just comes off very gay to me.

Wright? He and Kennedy have that sexy catipillar eyebrow thing going on. That's gotta be it, right? lol