Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cashman, that sly bastard.

So in a trade NOBODY saw coming the Yankees acquired catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth.

I like the trade because we obviously need a reliable catcher, Chad Moeller just sucks. Sorry Chad but you are not terrific. I was shocked because Kyle has been pretty good as of late but again, you just never know when he's gonna shit the bed. From what I read poor Kyle cried. I knew he was going to be upset, hes been through alot with the Yankees and because he played such a strong role when Joba was transitioned to a starter, I'm sure he felt very secure there. See ya Farnsie!

I'm just super excited that I get to say the word pudge now. Who doesn't love the word pudge? Me and my dad say pudge and then laugh because he ain't so pudgy anymore. Why do you think that could be? hmmmmmm......

So I'm assuming Moeller won't be around much longer? And if thats true, does this mean the end of the road for Darrell Rasner? We can't expect to win series if we continue with both Ponson and Rasner.

Who do you think should go?

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Anonymous said...

Unless Pudge can catch for Rasner, he will be gone. Ponson is on thin ice as well, but a lot depends on who the Yankees feel can step up to the bigs. Kennedy is up first, I think. Maybe they will give Aceves a shot (gotta love the name... ACEves) even though he won't be an ace, he has a lot of experience in AAA level from Mexico.

I bet the M's feel pretty stupid right now from their demands.