Monday, July 14, 2008

The Josh Hamilton Derby

Home watching the Homerun derby. I'm officially in love with Josh Hamilton. Those tattoos just put me over the edge. I really need to take my friend Matt's advice and move to the midwest because I have a thing for midwestrn gentleman. But I'm 25, in the midwest I'm over the hill, at this age I should be married with three kids over there. You see the dilema?

Why do these players all have 4 year old kids at the derby with them? I dont need to be reminded that these players have kids. Its ruining the whole fantasy for me. I mean do they think chicks tune into the homerun derby to see how many homers they can blast? Pfffff. Get with the program gentlemen.

Ok, Ryan Braun, lets discuss. I was watching an interview with him before the derby, thus he was out of uniform in regular clothes. Could it be that Ryan is a homosexual? I dont want to start a rumor here but that man was exceptionally well groomed, I mean perfect. I did have the sound off and when I looked up I said to myself "ooo who is this good looking gay man?". Someone get at me on this.

Why the hell am I not at the homerun derby?! I live in NY. Oh wait, because I'm a broke bitch.

Josh Hamilton is up...he says hes gonna hit one out of the park...shit he just hit the back wall 502 ft. Wowza.

Update: 15 homers so far. The rest of these boys should be this is a derby!

I cant even shaking....28 homers breaking records, ball out of the park. Josh Hamilton...greatest moments at the stadium....that was one of the sickest things Ive ever seen. Ever. Sick.

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Anonymous said...

The ball didn't leave the park, still it was quite impressive. Too bad he wore himself out with the first round and Mournoe wins it.