Monday, July 21, 2008

Jorge Posada back on the DL

The Yankees announced yesterday that they have placed Jorge Posada on the DL. It is being said that Jorge will have to have season ending surgery in order for him to start next season. Jorge had previously missed about a month of playing after being placed on the DL for a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder. When he returned he just wasnt playing to his full capacity, which led many to speculate that his arm was still in pain. He was also not being used as much as he usually would be, making appearances in games at first base and DH more than catching, making Molina the Yankees main catcher.

The Yankees have been carrying three catchers since Jorges injury. The third catcher being this guy named Chad Moeller. Hes been with the Yankees almost all season. I know, I know, you dont know who I'm speaking of. He's the guy that when he bats he looks like a bobble head? Not sure if that helps. So they do have some backup if Jorge proceeds with surgery, which he most likely will.

Joe Girardi kept insisting to the press that Posada's shoulder was getting better. And at times Posada even expressed his frustration with not being played in his position. Finally the issue came to a head when Posada stuffed Girardi into a locker and left him there overnight. Girardi approached Jorge and explained that things couldnt continue on this way. "Listen Jorge" he said. "Our old asses just cant be doing retarded things like this to each other. I think we should thumb wrestle." Jorge agreed. The guys went 2 out of 3 with the winner being Girardi. Posada the loser had to finally cave in and admit his shoulder wasn't feeling right. Girardi grabbed him before he walked away and whispered "Don't forget I'm a motherfucking genius kid, now don't talk shit about me to the press ever again or I will do you a favor a cut those Dumbo ears off for you." I don't think Jorge will be crossing Mr. Girardi again. For now.

People in the clubhouse having been noticing a change in Girardi's demeanor, saying he seems happier. "He loves Chad. He feels Chad is so charming and witty, he brings a sense of class to the bench." a source said.

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Guess Girardi (not my choice for manager or anything else Yankee) like Hangin' Chads! Or Hangin' w/ Chad.