Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny goes to LA, Ramirez suspended

So the blockbuster trade of the season.... is Manny Ramirez going to the LA Dodgers. As part of a three way deal, Boston will get Jason Bay and pay off the rest of Manny's contract, the Pirates will get 4 minor league prospects. Andy Larouche will go to the Pirates from the Dodgers, OF Brandon Moss and pitcher Craig Hansen will go to the Pirates from the Red Sox.
That's the good news for the Yankees, the Bad news is the other Ramirez (Edwar) has been suspended for 3 games for intentionally throwing at Kevin Millar. He plans to appeal.

Such Bullshit, our players get suspensions for wiping their asses the wrong way. Good for you Edwar! And I'm happy it was Millar you threw at, hes the right tool for the job.

And lastly Chad Moeller was DFA'd.....did I even have to type that?

Here's some pics for the hell of it :)



Anonymous said...


Charles L. Wallace said...

By the way, didja notice Millar called Edwar a cute little fellow, without good stuff, and said that he would have preferred Edwar be allowed to pitch to him, because [as he explained] he'd be visiting Monument Park?

Yep! Millar is 1 for 4 in his career against Edwar, with 3 strikeouts. Monument Park, indeed!

Ross said...

Be careful posting so many pictures. You might get Creepy Abraham a bit too excited.

Anonymous said...

... after all... its already gotten "creepy ross" going...