Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stache Rally not enough, Stupid Pirates

Hey hey! I've been running around so was not able to post. Didn't see the game yesterday but was stoked we won. Those were 2 very important games.

Giambi came in third in Final Vote. Third?! Sadness. So no all star game for the big G.

Watching the Yanks vs Pirates game, Pirates up 4-2 thanks to some guy Mclouth. heard of him? Yeah me either. Looks like we are gonna lose this one kids. I'm looking forward to the Toronto series, then its All Star madness. NYC is gonna be nuts....if anyone is going please write about your experience in comments or send me pics and I could post em here...



Anonymous said...

is it just me...or all the pirates hideous...? but jack wilson worst of all

Anonymous said...

dohmit the catcher looks like he is "special". down right scary.