Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This chick is funny.

He did it again!
Last year, Alex Rodriguez was caught with a stripper (in Toronto) and now…
Another titty shaker has come forward, saying she hooked up with the New York Yankees star.
We're sure A-Rod's soon-to ex, Cynthia, would love to speak with Candice Houlihan.
Houlihan, a "former" stripper, is speaking out about her two-night stand with A-Rod.
Candice says she slept with A-Rod back in 2004, while he was in town to play the Red Sox.
Houlihan goes on to say that his wife "did the right thing" by filing for divorce.
The "former" stripper now turn hairdresser adds, “A leopard doesn’t change his spots. Good for her, I think she’s doing the smart thing. And she’ll probably get tons of cash.”
says that she went to the baseball game four years ago and was seated near the visitor's dugout.
Her and her friends (stripper friends?) then started "hootin' and hollerin' at" A-Rod.
She says, "We were really bustin’ his chops and he walked over to us and I thought he was going to yell at us. But he introduced himself, asked me who I was and if I wanted to meet up for drinks later. I was like ‘Hell, yeah!’ ”
Of the affair, Houlihan pretends to care by saying, “It was killing me and I felt bad afterwards. I’m not a bad person. I know how it feels to be cheated on, it sucks. But a couple of drinks later, I didn’t notice all that much, to tell you the truth.”
She continues, “I told him I was a basketball player in high school and we talked a lot about that. It’s a little weird because he was a really nice guy.”
Candy then says she and her friends looked up info on A-Rod online the next day and were surprised to find out his wife was pregnant with their first child. She added, “We were all freaking out.”
But that didn't stop her from hooking up with him AGAIN!
When A-Rod returned to town to play for the American League Championship Series, Candice met him up and they had sex one more time.
She adds, “He said he had a big game the next day. I like to say I helped us win. I reversed the curse!”
(Via Perezhilton.com)


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Just another hoe looking to get credit for doing nothing.