Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yankees VS Jays 7.12.08

Thank god I wasn't home blogging about the game yesterday because I would have been pretty bored. As you all probably know by now Roy Halladay dominated the Yankees resulting in a 4-2 loss to the Jays. The Yankees took the night off last night apparently.

But today is a new day. Pitching. Terrible. This is a long game so far. Game started at 1 o clock, its now 2:45 and we are only in the bottom of the 4th. Rasner is just terrible. Jay's pitching is no better, I mean, Melky is even getting hits in this game, pffff.

good highlights so far...
Derek Jeter, second pitch of the game, blasts career homerun 200. Alex Rodriguez hits HR 537 to pass Mickey Mantle on the list. Boy does Toronto hate A-Rod, they booed the shit out of him when he hit that homer. Oh well assholes!

I'm in the mood for a Giambi blast. Could happen.

This just doesn't feel the same without Alex Rios, I have nobody to rip on. No Michael Kay either. Shit. No fun. How cute is David Cone? Not looks wise, just the things he says, he just seems like an all around sweetheart.

I'm not sure what moves will be made but I dont expect to see Rasner a part of the rotation for much longer. Lets face it, he got lucky today. The Blue Jay's pitching was just worse than his and our bullpen was able to hold the lead.

Yanks win this one 9-4

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Anonymous said...

The Blow J's hate A-Rod because he made them look stupid. Greats, regardless of what they do off the field, are always booed. The time to get concerned is when there are no more boos.

I had to laugh that Girardi put together yet another lineup, up to 71 different ones so far this year, and had Moeller in to see if Rasner could do much of anything. He couldn't. I don't expect to see much more of either Rasner or Moeller. Unless Rasner just goes to a relief role, even that is a stretch.

Last night was horrible. Its a shame that Murcer probably got to watch that terrible game and not much of this one, if any, for his last look at his beloved Yankees.

RIP Bobby Murcer, Yankee for life, and beyond.