Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yankees vs. Rangers 7.1.08

YANKEES (44-39)
Damon DH
Gardner LF
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Posada C
Cano 2B
Betemit SS
Cabrera CF
Chamberlain RHP

Thats the lineup via Pete Abraham's blog.

I was really hoping they would give Melky a rest and use Gardner in CF. Melky was supposed to be the next great thing, but that was last season. This season Melky is the dead weight at the end of the lineup right behind Cano. Ugh.

Derek Jeter is getting a night off by the looks of things and Betemit will play shortstop...hmmmm.

I wonder if Girardi ever figured out the Rubik's Cube in the eighties

Also: WTF?!?!

Back in the day this would be a hot couple. Bt now I just dont see it. I dont think Madonna is really Arods type. I wont say what that type is because every time I type it sounds bad but I don't mean it that way. Ya dig?

Some observations and thoughts on the game so far (top of the 8th, tied at 2)

Michael Kay is obsessed with little boys; the name Saltalamacchia.

Kay has also referenced "In Living Color." lol

Somebody should tell Robinson Cano that the season started in April, not today. Try it in spanish next time, maybe that will work.

I hope Melky Cabrera has someone he can cry to at night.

Joe Girardi has balls with the things he does, but sometimes they pay off...hello David Robertson!

I hope Sidney Ponson chews someones face off tomorrow, it wont happen but it would be awesome. I know I'm sick.

Update: Yankees just lost this game by 1 run AGAIN! Bottom of the 9th inning Betimit gets on base, no outs. On deck...MELKY CABRERA.. wait for it...no pinch hitter, a pinch runner but not a pinch hitter! And if that didnt get you going, Girardi doesnt even have Melky bunting. Melky hits into a double play, Johnny Damon lines out to first. End of ball game.

"You can't fire a whole team, in the end one person needs to take the blame."

Goodnight kids.
xoxoxox Marisol

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Anonymous said...

i'll tell you what, it is not good to listen to a game when you are driving... and have anger management problems... i was going to meet my GF at candlelight and when melky grounds into the double play i break my drivers side window... (totally didnt mean to)

honestly... can i blame melky for my broken window?? pleeease :)