Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yankees vs Red Sox 7.6.08

Congrats Alex Rodriguez! Number 536 against Tim Wakefield. Nice way to get on the board in the second inning. Number 536 ties him with Mickey Mantle.

Update: tied 4-4 top of the ninth and Mo is on the mound. 2 out, Manny Ramirez pinch hitting with a man on 3rd.

Observations from the game....

Joe Girardi reminds me of my father when he gets mad, veins popping out of the neck and everything.

(he struck Manny out! But Manny never even swung the bat, I get the feeling he wasnt in the mood to play?)

Sean Casey looks fucking CRAZY. Is he drunk?

Youkilis is such a bitch. Like Joba wanted to hit you, shut up and stop complaining you fucking weird beard.

Cash has a case of gay face.

FINAL: My boyfriend laces a single up the middle to bring in Robinson Cano to win the game!! By now you should know who my boyfriend is.


Anonymous said...

The most hillarious face still belongs to papsmear with his "cold-blooded stare". How do the batter not start bursting out lauging at it when they face him?

J-Boogie said...

Yeah, that stare stopped being intimidating before it even started. He just looks constipated. It was awesome how Gardner worked him over for the game winner.


Yankeehottie said...

Pffff. You said papsmear, I love it!