Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yanks vs Rangers 7.2.08

Just got home around 9 o clock, just in time to see Sir Sidney Ponson blow a lovely 3 run lead the Yankees had. Maybe Im a jinx? Literally it was as soon as I turned it on. Anyways, its nice to see Melky out of the lineup. Girardi was probably going to be murdered on the streets of the Bronx if he didnt make that move. I've been reading comments and to put it lightly, their not very nice, lol. Brett Gardner is up and I see he's still looking for a hit. C'mon kid! ( He draws a walk.)

Just read on Pete Abrahams blog that Shelly is on the DL in Scranton. Get well Shelly! Always a special place in my heart for you!

Update: This is now an 11-7 ball game. Go yanks! And my boy...

Brett Gardner pops his cherry!! Yay! A nice single that drives in a run to make it 11-7. Then our boy steals 2nd base. Make the score 12-7 on a double from Johnny Damon. Something to smile about again :)

UPDATE: Arod with a solo homer. He is now number 14 on the all time homerun list. Congrats homie. Arod always plays better when..never mind.

Update: 18-7 people. Nobody was even warming up in the Rangers bullpen. I believe it was a rookie that the Rangers put in the started the blast bonanza. Girardi wants to go to bed early tonight so he put Alberto Gonzalez in the game to end the inning. And to close it out.....Latroy Hawkins. Why not! He's fucking awesome. Pfffffffffffff One out away....goodnight kids! Enjoy the win.




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Anonymous said...

did anyone else think that rangers rook looked alot like a frog?