Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Its Official

and no I'm not talking about Joba going on the DL...

I am a Yankees jinx! Everytime I don't watch a game we win. I swear.

How does Ponson do it?

Riding a wave of luck or genuine talented pitcher? What do YOU think? Start some shit in the comments section ;)

Yanks beat the Rangers (finally) 5-3.


Anonymous said...

i won't consider Ponson a genuine or talented pitcher... but i can say this, the guy knows how to get out of some big jams.

Maybe if he lost a few pounds... maybe 25... and had better control he could be a genuine starter... i think the yankees are going to ride him for all he is worth.

and regarding the you being a jynx...

don't watch tomorrows game pleeease


Anonymous said...

Ponson's pitches have alot of movement. He gets alot of swing and misses. But because of the movement he has control issues at times. But his sinking ball has been very effective. Hopefully we can drive his skill/luck for the next couple of weeks since Phil Franchise looks like hes gonna be coming back.

Fernando Alejandro said...

So after all this hatred towards David Murphy you got nothing to say when Pudge puts him on the DL? This should be a big moment for you!

Ponson's alright. Maybe one day he can pitch while sober, but for now, we'll just have to take the wins.