Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yankees comeback to defeat Angels, split series.

So, I was once again a gypsy this weekend so I was only able to catch todays game here and there. The important thing is that we won bitches! ha ha! So we split this series and didnt get swept like Boston did.

Xavier Nady came through for the Yankees, Pudge woke up today with a homer and the game was just awesomeness. Yankees just kept coming back to beat the Angels. The good thing is that they can now head into this 10 game road trip with some good energy.

I just read over at Lohud that Giambi has shaved the stache! The stache will be missed, but it obviously lost its magic.

Jobamania tomorrow night...

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Antone said...

I know you are jealous that I was there and you weren't ha ha ha

By the way, check out my little piece on ARod from my MLB Weekly post from today:

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