Monday, August 4, 2008

Yankees vs Rangers 8.4.08

Hey Ya'll you ready for a sweaty ballgame? Its like 107 degrees in Texas right now...

Justin Christian is going to get a start tonight in centerfield since he was a "star" yesterday. Hope the kid can make it happen again.....Joe Girardi stated that Dan Giese will get the start on Friday instead of Rasner. Ian Kennedy...the Yankees still hate you. Phil can do no wrong apparantley.

I have a question. Why are people talking, blogging, even thinking about Carl Pavano? The whole world knows he is a douche, so theres no need monitor him and discuss his progress. The Yanks will give him a start and then say that his plane crashed 3 days before and he forgot to mention it.

The game is underway in Texas and I dont know who's at the plate, oh its Giambi, theres a pound of hair missing from his face so i wasnt sure..Bobby Abreu hit a single and Arod just walked, Giambi at the plate at a 2-2 count,......full count....2 OUT single...Abreu scores...its already 1-0 be honest though Giambi should've been out, but I'll take it haha!

//David Murphy, rookie on the Rangers, Hes the guy I'm not gonna like this series, theres always one.
//Joba is just ridiculous his stuff is just nasty. I get turned on when I watch him pitch. Is that weird?
//Thank god Kay isnt announcing tonight. I was not in the mood to hear the whole history of the name SALTALAMACCHIA
//Giambi knows what hes doing. He shaves the stache and he just hit an upper deck Homer. Its 2-0 Yanks, Giambi has driven in both those runs.
//Cano goes yard in the same inning. 3-0
//Joba gave up a 2 run Homer. 3-2
// 2 Balks get called on Padilla allowing johnny Damon to score. Game is 4-2.
// Joba gives up a 3 run homer to Michael Young. This game is now 5-4 Rangers. All this on a bullshit reversed call. Joba is pissed.
// Make that Joba is hurt? He just got taken out of the game grabbing his shoulder. Shit.

Xavier Nady is the best thing thats happened all week. X man drills a homerun to tie this game...i thought for sure that ball was going to get caught. I was about to fall asleep. This would be a big win considering the Red Sox and The Rays have lost already tonight.

//What did I say about Murphy...effin guy.

Well kids a walkoff loss. Marte should have never been left in this game after he loaded the bases. No way. Robertson was warmed up and should have been called on. It was agamble either way. Joe Girardi is to blame for this one, thats how I see it.



Anonymous said...

Girardi isn't a good manager. That is what this whole season is coming down to. While he has been good at sharing the workload of the bullpen, he makes a lot of very poor decisions. Some pitchers he leaves in way too long when you can see they just don't have it.

Girardi has now been the major reason for 9 losses this season, through piss poor decisions. 9. Where would the Yankees be if they had even half of those as wins?

Girardi is out matched.

Anonymous said...

i personally think he made a very touch decision, i mean come on... you keep your veteran lefty in... or you bring in a rookie who may crack under the pressure.

though i havent agreed with all of his moves, i think he is a good manager...

and has anyone realized we've only had one well pitched game behind PUDGE and it was via SIDNEY PONSON... im sorry 1 out of 4 good starts worries me....

Marisol said...

I understand what your saying but I think going with the rookie would have been the obvious choice after Marte loaded the bases, it was a gamble either way.

Also our pitchers have a history of being spoiled with who they pitch to, especially Pettite and Mussina...they had time to adjust to Molina but Pudge was thrown into the fire so at this point I'm giving pudge the benefit of the doubt.