Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yankees vs Rangers 8.5.08

All I will say for tonight is that Joe Girardi is an idiot. The whole Pudge pinch running/Melky pinch hitting thing...WTF? In what world does that make sense?

David Robertson...who still thinks it would have been a bad move to go to him last night instead of staying Marte?

David Murphy, David fucking Murphy. I have psychic abilities my friends.

Game is now getting shutoff, Bruney just gave up 3 more runs. And he's staying in to face Kinsler. Nite Nite!


Anonymous said...

i knew that bruney would give it up somehow... it's a good thing you shut it off when you did or you would have gotten your hopes up... grand slam by thebig sexy made it 8-6... and a leadoff walk in the top of the 9th... followed by a strikeout by abreu and a GiDP by AROD.. MR. "CLUTCH"

Anonymous said...

If the pitching from the Yankees had not stunk it up, the results would have been different as well.

This team is playing like losers and it shows.

The biggest change from last year is Girardi. I don't think he is a good manager and hope his tenure with the Yankees is a short one.

J-Boogie said...

Girardi is a huge tool. I used to be a fan but after watching him mangae in Texas I'm left wondering how he still has a job.