Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yankees vs Rangers 8.7.08

Sooo I missed the first 5 innings because I needed a nap after work. It was a late night for the hottie last night. So far I see Moose got the job done, its a 2-0 Yankees lead....Once again kids...I wasnt watching...hmmmmm

I am just now noticing that David Murphy was placed on the DL after that plate collision with Pudge. HA HA! I'm sick of your face Murphy.

From what I gather Melky is off the team and Arod still effin sucks.

The next starting pitcher contest is still on...

Hope the Yankees win this tonight, they need to put together winning streak to saty in the game. And Joe Girardi needs to get it together and stop having so much blind faith in people.

Lets Go Yankees!!

UPDATE: Yankees win even though I watched the final innings. BTW whats with all this "Phil Franchise" talk. Did I miss something? Who started this? Leave it on the comment section, Thanks.

xoxoxox Marisol

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Fernando Alejandro said...

That would be Peter Abraham. He coined that a year ago.