Monday, August 11, 2008

Yankees vs Twins 8.11.08

Gosh. I'm just at a loss for words.

First off, way to go Girardi on benching the hottest hitter in the AL, Johnny Damon, when your team is struggling. You don't want him to play on the turf 3 days in a row? C'mon Joe. Oh and while your at it bench Giambi. Smooth move skipper. When your own commentators are questioning you throughout the game its not a good thing.

The Yankees have now lost 4 straight.

Sidney Ponson pitched a good game and got no run support from the struggling Yanks. I think one of the only people with hits this game was Bobby Abreu. Shame on you Yankees. Shame on you.

Oh yeah, Melky Cabrera is starting in every game. WTF?

If this was back in the day George Steinbrenner would have had you shitting your pants Girardi.

UPDATE: Michael Kay just said he doesn't understand the Johnny Damon move and he will not, will NOT except any explanation for it. Now your in trouble Joe.
How much would you pay to see Kay and Girardi fist fight on the next Joe Girardi show? Shit, I would pay just to see them arm wrestle.


Anonymous said...

Girardi has to go. He is just about the worst manager in baseball, and he is proving it with this season.

He is out classed, out managed, and over his head. I hope the Yankees wake up and fire him, but I fear we will be seeing him manage the Yankees for years of mediocrity.

At least he has that useless Joe Girardi show where he answers no tough questions, and proves to the world that the Yankees have a joke for a manager.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever noticed that whenever al leiter and michael kay are paired up with eachother they always find a way to get into an argument... i'm always just waiting to hear them snap at each other

and david cone needs to work on his broadcasting skills, i always hear him talking when he shouldn't be when the games come back from commercial.

and... Ken singleton is too nice ( GO PAUL ONIELL!)

Marisol said...

Paul so needs to do more games. he ABUSES Kay. He loves to remind him that hes never played the game so he should just shut up already, I love it.