Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yanks vs Boston 8.26.08

What started out as a promising game, unravelled quickly. Yankees scored 3 runs and 2 of those belong to Johnny Damon.

Arod is lucky he hasn't been shot yet. Numerous opportunities were wasted in this game. Sounds like a broken record. Did you see his face at his second to last at bat....you know he felt those boos, and he took it in. How funny would it be if he turned around and was like "Yeah, keep booing, I'm the bad guy!!".

Andy Pettite ate it as well, getting knocked out of the game in the 5th inning, but I must say that the home plate ump was really being a douche about the strike zone. There were alot of pitches that Andy should have gotten the call on, you could see the frustration on Andy's face.

Jason Giambi had a shitty game as well, I believe he reached based once on an error. He also comitted an error as well, by umm "forgetting" to throw home, allowing a run to score.

When Joe Girardi was asked after the game how he felt, he just said "Tomorrow's a new day." Yeah Joe, a new day closer to not making the playoffs. I heard they are auditioning for someone to host a new version of Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

xoxox Marisol


Anonymous said...

haha you must have missed Arod striking out to end the game with a man on.

ofcourse i was at this game... strange... the yankees normally win against the Sawx when i go... 11-1 now :( i really blame that shitty umpire for how bad pettite did though lol

J-Boogie said...

I didn't think it was possible for A-Rod to suck that bad. It's like he's not even trying when it matters. Like you said, a broken record.