Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yanks vs O's (some observations)

Well this game is going to end at about midnight. Thank god I didn't make any plans today lol.

6 innings at a tie game and really shitty pitching....3 hours and counting. And you know how I know I wont forget? Because Michael Kay wont shut up about it. He's also made remarks about wanting Kim Jones mom so I'm a little freaked out. Nobody could date him right? Could you imagine sitting through a dinner with Michael Kay.

Kevin Millar is a freakshow. WTF is on his face? Is that a mustache? Is it dirt? Dirtball Millar.

Also, is their something mentally wrong with Mora? If you watch him he makes the oddest movements. When he came up against Ramirez, after strike one he had this look like he was gonna charge the mound. I'm telling you, that mans on the verge of flipping the eff out.

Does anybody remember a player named Melky Cabrera? Did he just see that ball Cano just smoked? Wow. 425 feet. I'm asking alot of questions, sorry, I'm a little hyper. I've been nonstop since Vegas, I need to take it easy, I think I'm Paris Hilton or someone.


Anonymous said...

The thing on Millar's face is a Hitler style moustache. Its trimmed on the sides. I did about 5 double takes on it. How does one grow something like that now adays? Its not like it was ever the height of fashion, but since Hitler its been taboo.

Anonymous said...

Melky Who?

Mora always looked like he's been sucking crap. I agree though, one day he is just going to go off and it will be ugly. I hope its against the Red Sox or the Tampon Bay Rays.

Anonymous said...

Hah Millar is the kind of guy you love if he's on your team... but you hate if he isnt. the guy is hilarious, but at the same time he pisses me the fuck off lol

Anonymous said...

Millar seems to only hurt the Yankees. His BA is pretty poor otherwise.