Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yankees vs Tampa Bay 9.3.08/And I shall call him...

"Big Haircut" Did you all see it?..Ok Ok I'm probably the only one that cares but I am happy about Coke's haircut, its a vast improvement but I will have to further inspect it on the post show.

So how about this game? Pavano didn't suck. (I still believe he tries to sabotage but it just hasn't worked out yet.) Alex Rodriguez blasted a homer with a man on base, and caused our first instant replay. It only took 2 minutes. I knew it was fair, any of you disagree? We got to see more of my crush Phil Coke! Yes, I heard he has a girlfriend but does that really mean anything to an MLB player now a days? I mean c'mon, if he stays a Yankee its only a matter of time before a big city girl makes a bumpkins head spin.

So how about the Yankees winning two in a row against Tampa Bay? I was not at all expecting this and its a welcome surprise. Lets go Yanks!!!!



Anonymous said...

i noticed Coke's haircut, much better lol... but i also thought that Arod's homerun was foul AT FIRST, but then i thought it hit the foul pole.. SECOND... and finally upon further and final review, i saw it went over the foul pole and hit the catwalk behind the pole.


Anonymous said...

Given the angle of the shot we saw, it was pretty hard to tell if it was fair and hooked foul after it went over. I believe the MLB cameras are in place in better position, but I am not certain on that point.

With Instant Replay, once they made the call, I think they will stick with it unless the camera shot shows it wasn't conclusively.

All the umps agreed on the call prior to going to review.

I still think its funny that the camera man was telling ARod it was foul before the review was completed.

I never saw Coke before his hair cut. Do you have any pix of before and after?

That boy will be quite lucky if he runs into you... though watch out for a cat fight if the girlfriend finds out.