Sunday, September 14, 2008

History is made as well as the obvious.

Congrats to Derek Jeter who ties Lou Gehrig on the Yankee all time hits list. In true Jeter fashion he not only got the hit, it was a solo homer against the Rays' David Price. Price made his big league debut today and it was impressive. Jeter will be the new record holder on this list and it can never be broken. This is why he is the captain, always coming through and delivering the big hits. Who caught that ball? Lucky mo fo.

Then came the shocker. Carl Pavano left the game with what appears to be a hip injury. I mean, who saw that coming? I still have no words for this unfortunate incident.

My ex boyfriend Brett Gardner made some amazing plays in the outfield today. Boy cant hit for shit but he sure can run. I should know, he ran his way right into my heart once upon a time. Sigh.

How about my current flame Phil Coke last night? Still has not allowed a run in the 7 innings he's pitched.

Giambi, sweaty as ever, hit homerun number 30 of the season today.

Phil Hughes will get the start on Wednesday. Don't forget your glasses Phil!

Apparently some people have a problem with my "xoxo" signoff, so I will be trying out some new things.

Eff Michael Kay,


Anonymous said...

what crazies could possibly have aproblem with your Xoxos

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool that the fan who got the ball that Jeter hit to tie Lou Gehrig traded it for a bat and a ball so Jeter would have it.

Pavano will be right back. While I agree he sucked at staying healthy, he has been pitching pretty decently and I don't want to see Rasner get his starts.

That's sad, no?

J-Boogie said...

Yeah, how does anyone have a problem with xoxo? Those people must not read my blog b/c I'm sure they'd be all over "peace, love and pinstripes). I do like the current signoff though. Very nice. You can never go wrong with saying Eff Michael Kay.

You've got to give it up to the captain. Even though the season is over he's still giving it his all. Somebody needs to sit Cano down and tell him that's how it's done. I can't believe he didn't bust ass after that grounder that went off Giambi's glove. Girardi was right to pull him but it's about 100 games too late. That's Girardi for ya.