Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It lives!!

I'm alive people! I've just been too busy partying it up at the Jersey Shore for the weekend. Nice way to end the summer.
I have always had this theory that Jason Giambi is definitely a crazy mo fo. Yes we have all heard stories, but really all you have to do is look at him. I just picture him throwing girls around while drinking Jack with a straw. Me and my friend Jackie share this theory, so everytime something or someone crazy happened we would scream "Giaaaaammmbi". Thought some of you might like that.
So me and my friend Melissa went to the Yankee game on Friday, which most likely was my last game at the stadium. I had fun saying goodbye. If I'm looking a little flushed it was the shots of Cafe Patron at Billy's before the game...

Arod and his bubble butt
"The Pavano"

My View......I'll miss you!

The YMCA....is that gonna come to the new stadium?

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Anonymous said...

When they did the Yankeeography of Yankee Stadium, they said the YMCA was coming over to the new stadium.

Oh joy!