Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well I couldn't watch the game yesterday since I was working but I read enough about it to know it was lame ass! This is how a Cleveland Browns fan must feel I imagine. Time to figure out who I shall root for in the playoffs.

So our Yankees are hopeless. Time to enjoy the next 10 home games and bid farewell to our beloved stadium, Lets hope they at least have some nice celebratory activities planned, even though I somehow doubt it.

I have added a few new blog links to the bottom right that you should check out. Thanks to my new friend over at High and Tight for the lovely shoutout yesterday, pretty funny! Check him out.....

On a serious note....

I want to send my thoughts and blessings to those of you may have lost a loved one on this tragic day in history. They will never be forgotten. I hope everyone finds a few minutes to reflect.

Love and Light,

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iYankees said...

Hey Marisol,

Yea, I hope the closing ceremonies at Yankee Stadium are good, because with our season in shambles, it's all we're really looking forward to.