Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playoffs.....probably not.

Is that a train that goes by the Mariners ballpark or just some really obnoxious ballpark noise?

Anyway, at this point it looks as tho we are just hoping to end the season in third place, which is pretty pathetic for this team. But I have accepted it and released it. Take deep breaths.

I have also accepted that Joe Girardi is really annoying and that I really would love to not see his face next season. Some other faces I could deal without : Sidney Ponson, Darrell Rasner, Melky Cabrera, Carl Pavano( Thats a given, no?) "Pudge" Rodriguez, Alex Rios, Kevin Millar, Luke Scott, Oh wait I just crossed over into another list. Sorry bout that.

At this point I'm just enjoying the final games and hoping that the right moves will be made during the offseason, and a busy one it will be, that's for sure.

Sorry if this blog has been lame this week but I'm covering for someone at work so I have been working double shifts. Working everyday from 8 to 8 is no fun and makes the hottie cranky!


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Anonymous said...

I agree that Girardi's face being missing from the Yankee roster next year wouldn't be a bad thing.

Abreu I would miss. He has been hitting well, but its not easy seeing his fielding this year.

Giambi - bye. Pavano - bye. Melky, Bettermeat, Rasner, Pondscum - err Ponson, even on the edge is Pettitte - though I like him.

Lost of work for the off season this year. Lots and lots.

Faces I'd like to see in the Yankee Club... Teixeira, CC, maybe Burnett (only to keep from seeing him on the opposition - not that I really like him all that much).