Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Starters for 2009

After all the craziness of the Yankees rotation this year I started to think about next seasons rotation.....

Should Phil Coke be given a chance next season to be a starter? He was originally a stater but never started a game above AA. I guess it all depends who the Yankees pick up in the off season with some good pitchers becoming available, Sabathia, Sheets etc.

Wang will also be back and a decision will have to be made about Joba Chamberlain. I originally was all about Joba being a starter since that's what he came up as, but as of late I have been thinking otherwise. Now I know I have nothing concrete to base this on except a gut feeling but I have to agree with Posada's comments about him. I do feel like he is going to be injury prone as a starter. I feel like someone with his intensity will burnout fast at the major league level. I really see him being more effective ultimately as a reliever and later in his career becoming a great closer.

As for Andy Pettite, I believe his time as a Yankee has come to an end. He could come back to have a great season but after the season the Yankees just had they cant afford to spend anymore money on a "maybe" guy.

Sir Sidney Ponson- see ya.

Carl Pavano- should rot in an independent league somewhere.

Mike Mussina- I would like to see Mike one more season, but I dont want to see him get a multiyear contract.

Phil Hughes- Cant wait to see Phil and his glasses tomorrow. Again I think it depends on who they acquire but I don't think Phil should get a guaranteed spot in the rotation next season.

Alfredo Aceves: I think he has great stuff and should 100% get a spot in the rotation, even if he is 35.


Secret Affiliate Manager said...

Great blog and congrats on the plug from Pete A!

As to the starters -- the Yanks are in the same position next year that they found themselves in this year UNLESS they tackle the FA market; to wit:

CC Sabathia (imo the ONLY pitcher worth going after, but too likely to end up in California somewhere (Please God NOT the Angels)).

If they were to manage to grab CC, you've a top two of him + Wang. I think Mussina is worth spending money on for one more year (he had a surprise year and may regress but hold on to it for a moment); and we've yet to see if Phil Hughes can manage to hold up for a full season, but I think he likely starts out of spring training.

As to Chamberlain -- as much as I respect Posada, I think the team needs to plan Joba for the rotation. He had 12 starts before his shoulder injury and he was dominant in most of them. But he also hasn't had a full season in the majors, nor has he worked enough innings to build up long term arm strength. So his injury could simply have been the result of moving too quickly from bullpen to starter this year and not having the time to work up to a higher pitch count level -- could he be injury-prone? Of course -- but the easy thing to do is stick him in the bullpen. Problem is, we don't have the starter corps next season to have him there.

Bye bye to Pavano and Ponson and (please, please) Rasner. Farewell and thank you to Andy Pettitte.

Yes to Aceves having a shot at the starter corps; no to Phil Coke -- same issue as Joba -- don't rush him. One year (or even 1/2 a year) at AAA will do him good. Besides, with Joba innings-limited again next season, they'll need someone in the latter part of the year.

Now, do you start Joba in April or bullpen him in April...there's the tricky question.

(in fairness, I think if Wang doesn't go down in Houston, Joba wouldn't have been rushed and likely would have had more time to build up stamina for pitch counts in the 80-90s; vs going from 1 to 2 to 4 innings in 2 weeks <<<< that, imo is what caused his injury)

anyway, one person's opinion

and why the hell would you cater to someone else's opinion on xoxoxox??? Share the love for crying out loud - there ain't enough of it as there is.

Dionisio said...

Santana is not a free agent...

Wow you're lucky of being hot.

Marisol said...

Haha that's what I get for blogging while tired! Thanks

J-Boogie said...

I really hope that they find a way to land CC. They need to let Pettitte go and CC would satisfy having a token lefty. I'm hoping the rotation looks something like, CC, Wang, Moose, Hughes and ???. I can't decide if the ??? is best filled by Joba. I'm on the fence. I think he'd be great at it but I'm concerned about the arm. I wouldn't go with Coke though.