Thursday, September 18, 2008

Turns out Coke does a body good, not Melk.

Last night we saw Phil "glasses" Hughes return to the major league mound. He lasted through 4 innings allowing one run, which I guess is better than expected by most, including myself. Seems the problem was that Phil got his pitch count high too quickly, throwing a thirty something pitch inning.

Enter Phil Coke.

Phil came in and pitched a couple of hitless innings, the only hit he gave up was a double to Griffey JR, ( who's got some bubble butt by the way) bringing in Bruney. Phil is the new Joba as far as I'm concerned, is there enough games left to cause some Phil mania? Is it okay if I start calling him 8 ball? Yes, I think it is.

Speaking of Joba, he came in to pitch a great inning. Harlan Chamberlain was is the stands (of course), I now know where Joba got that fist pump excitement from. Its exactly the same as his dad's. Joba is probably a little jealous of 8 ball I bet. As much as announcers and press want to say Joba's not cocky, I'm not buying it.

Johnny Damon hit a bomb to right last night, and the SAME effin Yankee fan from the night before that caught Giambis ball, caught Damon's!!! How crazy is that? Two nights in a row the same person catches a homerun ball. How rare is that? If for some bizarre reason that kid is reading this blog, please email me! I have so many questions for you. Such as, where do you buy your t- shirts? That dance you do, is that something that has been passed down in your family for generations? Are you on Adderall? Lets talk.

Update: Thanks to J-Boogie from Bronx and the Boogie down blog (link on my blogroll) turns out the fan's name is Zack and catching balls is nothing new for him, he has a blog of his own

Melky Cabrera was back in the line up for the first time. Guess what? Melky still cant bunt! I have a huge problem with players not knowing how to bunt. I don't care who you are, you need to know how to bunt. You never know at what part of the batting order a bunt may become necessary, thus every player should know how too, this needs to be something that has to be gone over in spring training and BP once and a while. A team like the Angels is where they are because they know how to play small ball when needed and they know how to play long ball when needed. How you gonna pop up a bunt for the out. Freaking useless.

A-rod connected for homerun number 35, tying him with Babe Ruth for having a 35 homerun season in 11 seasons or some ish like that. I don't really care, A-rod is still brutal. I'm just waiting for someone to chuck a can or something at his head when he's walking away from the plate

In the end though, the Yankees won this one 5-1.

(back by popular demand)


Fernando Alejandro said...

Phil 8 Ball? I like it. said...

Couldn't believe that kid catching the ball two nights in a row! (I, personally, loved the dance.) But speaking of Harlan in the stands, who was that blonde bouncing around next to him? She looked scary.

J-Boogie said...

The kid who caught the 2 balls has a blog over at MLBlogs, which is where I used to blog. He's a "pro," having snagged over 3700 balls in his life. He's even written a book on how to snag baseballs. His name is Zack Hample. His blog is called "The Baseball Collector." The address is: