Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yankees vs Whte Sox 9.16.08

I say Derek Jeter gets that magical hit tonight. I also say bet we don't see a "vintage" Andy Pettite.

Hey, it must be hard coming off the juice!

First Inning: Well, there it is, first at bat Jeter gets his hit. And Pete Abraham is is a psychic. Congrats to Jeter for having the most hits ever at Yankee stadium. The record is his and his alone.

Top of the fifth inning: Hillary Duff in the house. She looked so into that dude(Hockey Player I believe, Mike Connery) next to her didn't she? She must have been busy counting how many RBI's Giambi has now.

Andy Pettite, what a sin.

Top of the 7th: Its now 5-2 White Sox. I dont have a good feeling about this game :( Anyways I think thats it for me tonight unless sokmething great happens.

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Jack NYC said...

Um.. Who has been telling you your hot? Talk about feeding someone misinformation. Your myspace age don't match you face sweetheart. Get over yourself.

Marisol said...

I know , thank god for Mexican birth certificates eh?