Monday, September 15, 2008

Sometimes I'm just silly.

The apparent birth date of the Yankees starter tonight, Alfredo Aceves. That would make him 25. If you agree with this please leave a comment because I'm dying to talk to you.

Here's a pic of Alfredo and Charo,

(really its some chick named Tatiana, she's a Mexican childrens entertainer? but I like Charo better)

On another note, heres a good enough reason to to never try Meth kids.

Here's a fun video of former Yankee great Doug Mientkewicz (I don't really care if its spelt wrong)

Maybe some people would be playing better, or actually playing, if they weren't doing this in their free time.


J-Boogie said...

Alfredo's DOB seems legit as he looks 25 to me.

-Orlando H.

Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

That is not Charo, she's Tatiana, a Mexican entertainer for kids.

Marisol said...

It was a joke.

Anonymous said...

I have seen many a Yankee frequenting a few Upper East Side establishments in the 90's when they were in their 20's and it didn't seem to hurt their play.

Nothing wrong with Melky and Robbie enjoying a few cocktails with friends.

Baseball 24/7 can lead to insanity.

Anonymous said...


you so crazy

Anonymous said...

Yes but half of them were probably juiced up.