Monday, October 13, 2008

ALCS- Go Tampa Bay

Just finished watching today's game. Haha, Lester you got ROCKED by Tampa Bay biotch!!!

Did Boston even show up today?

Now onto to the NLCS game. I would like to see Tampa Bay vs Dodgers, I think that would be a fantastic series. What about you guys?

Not much to blog about lately. I also was ill for a few days, so I was out of the loop completely.

One thing though, I decided today that I am going to do a little stadium tour this season. I know alot of people have done this and probably many of you have. I would appreciate if you have any tips for me, such as which stadiums you think are a must, how to plan it out, when to go etc....

Enjoy the game!


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I have SO many tips, having followed the Yankees around for my book. Camden Yards is a must, if you haven't been there. (Boog's BBQ has great food, plus you'll feel right at home with all the Yankee fans.) On the other hand, Angel Stadium is the pits. Avoid it and the rally monkey!

Marisol said...

haha thanks Jane!

Anonymous said...

if you want to go to some nice parks while you're in california, try PETCO and Safeco field.... some nice food there too, unlike that at yankee stadium... :)

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how Dicey K does in the next game. Will the Rays finally punish him for being so poor with pitch counts and walks?

I just can't believe that I am rooting for the Rays though. Are they this year's Rockies? How will they be after this year? It will be interesting to see if they can hold it together to defeat the Sox. That would be ... PRICELESS. said...

The Rays totally need to punish Dicey K for all those walks he gives up. It's ridiculous how he gets away with them.

J-Boogie said...

The wife and I pulled off a few stadium trips a few years ago. We've hit up everything east of the Mississippi. It's pretty fun to plan. Best way to go about it is to break it down by region and then check the schedules to see when teams are home.

We've done all of ours by car. One trip started at Shea, then Washington, Tampa Bay, Miami, Atlanta, and finished in Yankee Stadium. You could also hit up Baltimore and Philly on that route. If you go westish, we did Milwaukee, the 2 Chicagos, Cincy, and Detroit. And you could mix in Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Cleveland maybe.

It's a lot of work but fun to plan. I found that there was usually one or two weeks a year where everything worked out just right. If you need any more info or help, let me know.