Wednesday, October 29, 2008


to the Phillies on winning the world series. Don't they look cute jumping all over eachother? And don't you love how FOX had a camera on every effin player, and just kept replaying them going crazy. Lidge is apparently going through puberty still as he describes how he feels. I was rooting for the Rays which just ended up feeling like rooting for this season's Yankees so I suppose it's fitting they lose.

Ok that was very negative, I apologize. :)

All that REALLY matters is the Red Sox didn't win HA!

This world series was boring as hell tho. Terrible calls and just no excitement. The most exciting thing I think was the rain delay.

Now its on to Hot Stove news on this blog...thanks again to the Yankeehottie faithful who keep checking in. I know its been slow around here, but I don't like to type unless I have something funny and witty to say ;)

Party Hard Phillies Fans. Party Hard.


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Alex said...

It's ok that you don't post as much, just makes whenever you do post more enjoyable.

and AMEN to the fact that the Red sox did NOT win