Friday, October 3, 2008

Only me..

Thanks to my good friend Veronica, who remembers everything, for reminding her friend me, who remembers nada, of the following story:

My mother owns a condo in San Juan, Puerto Rico, so every summer I would vacation there. When I was 16 me and Veronica went to San Juan together. One night we went to hang out at the El San Juan Hotel to have a few drinks. Yes I drank when I was 16 and yes they served us, I don't remember what the drinking age was then but I never had an issue. Anyway we had drinks there and then headed across the street to a club called AREA (not sure if its still there). We were hanging out at the bar when a young latin man who was enjoying a drink on his own started talking to us. He asked us our names, where we were from etc. He was pleasant and seemed eager to make friends. When I asked him what he did for a living, he said he was playing major league baseball in the states. "I'm like yeah right, never heard of you" He's like I swear, I play for the Cleveland Indians. Me being naive and only 16 answered "Oh whatever, if you don't play for the Yankees you suck." I remember him laughing alot at how I just didn't believe anything he was saying. he bought us some shots and was telling us about some big house he had in Puerto Rico. I cant be sure, but I think he wanted us to go that night and we declined. So he wrote down his number for us to make plans for the weekend. I then joked that if he was a MLB player that he should give me his autograph. He gladly signed a napkin along with his number.

On the way home I remember Veronica trying to control my antics in the cab because I was very drunk after too many shots of tequila. We exited ( or got kicked out of) the cab about a block away from my place, and we passed a construction site, it was a gaping hole where they had broken ground. I somehow dropped my ring and the napkin inside the hole. A belligerent me was attempting to climb in for it and a more coherent Veronica stopped me before I broke a limb. So that was it. Ring gone. Napkin gone.

The next day we made some phone calls and did some research based on what he had told us.

That player turned out to be Manny Ramirez.

Yes. I am an idiot.

*Just want to make it clear that if our age was asked we definelty said we were 18.



Anonymous said...

that is great, i guess you are one of the few Yankee fans who likes Manny. said...

Nope. I like Manny now that he's a Dodger and not beating up on Yankees pitchers. Would I give him my number in a bar? Not with that hair.

Fred Trigger said...

well, depending on how long ago it was. More than likely he had short hair. He didnt start with the dreads until after his first few years in boston.

J-Boogie said...

Too funny. I was on pins and needles as I scrolled thru the story, thinking the whole time it was Carlos Baerga for some reason.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Oh Puerto Rico. My lovely homeland that defies all drinking laws.