Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A question for you Yankee fans...

If you had a choice between Grandstand dugout, grandstand outfield or bleachers (I'm talking about tickets obviously) at the new Yankee stadium, which would you choose?

So bummed that opening day tickets are sky high already, guess I've been slacking(which is quite obvious looking the this blog of late.)

Please leave your answer in the comments area, much appreciated :)



eli said...

this is more about your poll rather than the last post, joba should not be on that list since he is in the starting rotation right now (wang,CC,AJ,joba)

so your poll options should be hughes, kennady free agent or minors. and i would bet on minors since hughes and kennady haven't done anything in the majors.


Alex said...

I've always enjoyed bleacher games... so bleachers.