Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thank you Santa Cashman...

In a shocking twist the New York Yankees have agreed with Mark Teixeria to an $180 million, 8 year contract. This is by far the best Christmas present I will receive this year!
Money is obviously no object for the Bronx Bombers right now and I'm fine with it. I know alot of you don't like the "frivolous" spending the Yankees tend to do but you have to think about the future. Moving into a brand spankin new stadium cost some dough. With long term contracts and big name players the organization is putting faith in the fact that this team has a higher chance of being a playoff team year after year (if they stay healthy) and raking in the money. Lets face it, we're always going to spend that bit of extra money on tickets to see a game Sabathia is starting or to see Alex hit another history making home run out of the stadium. Its not just about being a good team, its big business and always will be. I'm sorry but if your a diehard Yankee fan this kind of spending should not surprise or upset you. A fellow fan said to me this evening "If we sign Manny as well, I will hate the Yankees." Yes, this is highly unlikely (yet we were saying the same just a few days ago about Teixeria), but how could you say you would hate the Yankees? Bullshit, I say! That same person would be right there when the season starts and loving every winning moment with the rest of us. So just stop all the negativity people!
Just think about the potential lineup...
Ok people I'm off to wrap my xmas gifts, put on my Yankee PJ's and watch some SportsCenter.
Kiss Kiss,
P.S. Finally somebody good looking! (sigh of relief)


Ryan said...

Marisol, just think, though, about our lineup if we signed Manny...that would quite possibly be the deadliest lineup in baseball history! I can't wait for next season to start in the new stadium. I also think it's odd that a Yankee fan would "hate the Yankees" for signing Manny...yes, he's odd and we've had our differences in the past, but he's also a BIG bat.

Here's to making it 27 championships in 2009...

Ross said...

Marisol -

Looks like your email address is no longer working!

I just started a new blog as a continuation of the old one. The blog is now called "New Stadium Insider" (http://newstadiuminsider.com)

If possible, can you please link to this site, but also leave the link to NYY Stadium Insider? I had a lot of good stuff there that I am keeping up as an archive.

Thanks and Happy New Year!