Thursday, May 29, 2008

I called it...

That ridiculous mustache giambi has been rockin. That shit is hysterical but if it helps it helps!! LOL I just visited and witnessed the headline "Giambi set to rock Metrodome with mustache." I just wet my pants.

I am also just hearing about this "gold thong" rumor going around. I can totally see Giambi wearing a thong bc hes a freak, but if Derek wore that shit? Well the dream is over for me, I dont know about you.

And of course the big news.... JOBA STARTING TUESDAY? Hmmmmm Im not convinced but I guess we dont have many options.....until next time....

xoxoxoxo M

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yanks vs Bmore 6/22/08

Ok so best thing about this game for me?

Joe Girardi losing his shit on the plate umpire. Basically the pitch hit the tip of Giambis bat, causing him to back up bc he almost got hit. No call was made until the opposing catcher turned and called it a foul tip, which is just ridiculous. Giambi was called out and Joe went nuts. The word fuck was used quite a few times which you know I really enjoy. Needless to say he was ejected.

I think the ejection got everyone fired upp bc we went on to win the game 2 batters later. A walk and then a nice shot by Cano. Everyone celebrated on the field, jumping up and down and I think I saw Shelly Duncan almost kill 3 teammates.

Ian Kennedy was dare I say not too shabby tonight? It was definetley a pitching duel tonight.

**Does anybody else start laughing very loudly when they see Giambi's mustache? Just checking

Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Best news in a while for the Yankees. The bad news... Kennedy is starting tomorrow? ummm why?

Arod homers and loses out on a second one that the umps say is a double, but who fucking cares! Im just happy to see him hitting.

And finally, WE ACTUALLY WON A GAME! lol

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Beacuse....

I need me some Shelly Duncan tonight!!!!!!

Yankees vs Indians 5.6.08/ My poor Joba.....

In a game every Yankee fan thought was in the bag, shock, Joba Gives up a game winning 3 run homer to a pinch hitting David Delluci. Joba looked stunned as the ball went out of the park, as he should considering it was the first ever homerun he has given up in the regular season. To a pitcher it must be like losing your virginity, you can never get it back. I also have never seen Yankee stadium shutup so fast. The crowd was stunned.

Coming into the eigth inning Joba had limited control over his pitches, causing Jose Molina to approach to mound for a chat several times.

I felt so bad for Joba, he looked like a kid who was just told there is no Santa Clause!! Dont worry Joba, it was bound to happen. YankeeHottie and the Yankee universe still has mad love for you!! ;) The big question that remains: How will Joba rebound?

On another note....KYLE FARNSWORTH!!! What ya know about this guy coming around with some nasty stuff. The stuff everyone said he had but I have never seen until his past few outtings. I couldnt stomach you for all of last season Kyle, but you are changing my mind now.

Ian Kennedy was sent back down to triple A, he started in his first game and did very well. One hit, no walks and struck out eight in 7 1/2 innings. Think he got the message or is he just more suited for triple A right now? hmmmmm

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yankee News....

Lots of changes and good things happening in the Evil Empire this week. And here it is...

Peace out Kennedy, Hello Rasner

The Yankees bust out the broomes for Seattle

Johnny Damon is the Man

Yay Bobby Murcer!

So most news this week for the Yankees has been good. The Kennedy move shows me that the Yankees are now serious about their rotation and Rasner showed some good stuuf today. Shit, even Farnsworth has been doing okay his past few outings. These past few games I feel as though I am watching a whole new team, things are starting to finally gel and I feel alot of these players have gotten their spark back, except Cano and Giambi :(

I am excited to watch games again and I have total faith in this team right now.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Jorge out for 5 weeks....Hughes has a genius idea and gets glasses

NEW YORK -- Jorge Posada stood in front of his locker, his right shoulder wrapped in bandages following treatment.

The good news was the New York Yankees catcher didn't need an operation now. The bad news was that he will be sidelined for at least five weeks.

"I thought I was going to have to get surgery. We're going to look at that option probably after the season," Posada said before Friday night's game against the Seattle Mariners.

Posada thinks he hurt the shoulder as a result of compensating during spring training for a sore muscle in his right side, an injury that caused him to be scratched from the starting lineup on March 7.

Yankees physician Dr. Stuart Hershon examined the 36-year-old catcher this week, as did orthopedist Dr. James Andrews and New York Mets medical director Dr. David Altchek. In addition, Cincinnati Reds team physician Dr. Timothy Kremchek, a shoulder specialist, reviewed scans Friday.

"Let me make sure I get my `cheks' right," Yankees manager Joe Girardi joked as he described the evaluations.

Posada said he has inflammation of the rotator cuff but the condition of his labrum was unchanged from a scan taken during the offseason for an insurance policy.

"All the doctors agree," he said. "It just needs rest."

Posada last played Saturday in Cleveland and the five-time All-Star is on the disabled list for the first time in his career. He is being treated with heat and ice.

"We're talking, you know, two weeks off from throwing, and see where we're at from there," Girardi said. "If everything goes OK to that point, my thought is probably two weeks of strengthening the arm with throwing, and then you start thinking about some games."

Posada would be able to catch only about five innings at first when he returns from a monthlong layoff, Girardi said, so he would need a rehabilitation assignment before rejoining the Yankees.

"You have to build up some stamina," Girardi said.

New York also is missing third baseman Alex Rodriguez (strained right quadriceps) and starting pitcher Phil Hughes (fractured rib).

Hughes had his eyes examined Friday and will start wearing glasses when he pitches. He has been bothered by glare during night games and has had trouble picking up signs from his catcher.

"We can't continue to go with what we're doing because that doesn't work unless we get all day games," Girardi said.

Hughes said he is slightly nearsighted. He didn't feel comfortable wearing contact lenses, so he will wear frames similar to those used by Detroit's Nate Robertson.

"When I looked through the prescription, it made a pretty big difference," he said.

With Hughes out until at least July, the Yankees don't plan to move Joba Chamberlain into the bullpen -- at least not yet.

"I'm sure as the months go on and weeks go on, conversations will continue to take place," Girardi said. "For the time being, he'll still in our bullpen."


I knew Posada would be out longer than expected. I am a bit concerned about opting not to have surgery, hope he lasts the season. So Hughes is going to get glasses, I mean if your eyes are bothering you and your a pitcher wouldnt that be the first thing you look into? I dont get people.