Monday, June 30, 2008

Yankees vs Rangers 6.30.08

Theres really not much to say. Mussina had a very good outing with his season high in strikeouts. But again, no run support from this lineup. Yankees are on the board with one run. A solo shot from ARod. Our pitching has been good enough to keep this a 2-1 game. All Im seeing is Yankees get on bases with as many as NO OUTS and cant get a man home. Crazy.

Yep. We lost. Sigh.

I think I'm in love

What do you think of my new boyfriend Brett Gardner?

My top 3 may have to change now.

Manny being a douche.

Manny shoved the Sox's traveling secretary when he told him he may not be able to get him SIXTEEN tickets to the Red Sox - Astros game, on the DAY OF THE GAME.

How do they let him get away with this shit? No fine? Nothing?

Stay Classy Boston!

Yanks call up Gardner.

Could it be that bloggers prayers everywhere have been answered? Peter Abraham has that story at LoHud.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Take that Kennedy!

“Right now we’re not really thinking of him,” he said. “We like the way our other (starters) are throwing the ball. I mean, you have to earn your call-up. … You have to earn your spot back. You have to pitch well to earn your spot back. He has to pitch well. He was optioned out, this is him getting right. This is like the other 175 players in the minor leagues, or however many there are.”

Joe Giardi on Ian Kennedy via Pete Abrahams blog


Just curious...

How come you never hear anything about Joba Chamberlain's son? With all the Joba talk I have never once heard a comment from anyone about his son. Just surprises me because there is so much talk of his father Harlan and how he raised Joba and his sister as a single parent and how strong Joba and Harlan's relationship is I would think it would come up. I have even watched Joba on YES's YESterdays where Michael Kay basically asks you and your family your life story and no mention of this son. Anybody know anything?

Proof of said son

Yankees vs Mets 6.29.08

Note: Im sick and hungover so please forgive the crankiness of the following post.


I just finished watching the game, I feel like shit and I cant talk bc my throat has a disease (no I didn't meet up with the Pirates prostitute.), and this game didn't help any.

Yes, Oliver Perez pitched a great game and I don't think the Yankees expected that. But wtf with the lineup?

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Rodriguez 3B
Posada 1B
Betemit 2B
Cabrera CF
Molina C
Christian RF
Rasner RHP

I understand you want righties bc of the pitcher but why would you take out Giambi, Abreu and Cano, who is starting to show signs of life. I want Girardi to be aggressive but this was not how I wanted to see that aggressiveness. How about being agressive with the kids that are being brought up from AAA? Alberto Gonzalez. He needs to be sent back down and swapped out for someone else. Brett Gardner much? Girardi talks all this shit about earning your way onto the team. Has Alberto earned it? Justin Christian, hes so fast blah blah. Where? When?! Lets try someone else. Matsui is out for a bit you need to step it up. Oh, just not Barry Bonds, no no no. Circus city.

Darell Rasner pitched better then he has in his last couple of starts, allowing only 2 runs. He got into trouble a few times but was able to pitch out of it. But alas the Yankees were just not able to give him any run support. By the way it looks like Rasner vs Beckett in the Red Sox series. Yeah you read that right.

I just get so burned up that we are able to win a game with Santana on the mound and lose with Perez there. We are better than that. Its the METS! I may not even watch the Boston series bc I care about my health.

Idiot of the game: The angry Mets fan that threw back Arod's foul ball. Wow, your like super cool now dude. Idiot.


You have officially come out of the closet with that little bitch fit you threw today. In case you missed it, Reyes got charged with an E6 that he may not have deserved and threw his glove on the ground like a child, being selfish and I'm sure pissing off his teammates.

Ok I'm off the bed to die.

xoxoxoxox Marisol

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yankees split the doubleheader yesterday/Yanks vs Mets 6.28.08

Blog posts are going to be light today

So the Yanks got spanked 12- 5 in the first game by the Mets....grrrr I missed this game bc like a normal person I was working.

Second game we answered back with a 9 zip shutout. Thank god. So are we digging Ponson? I am. He looked amped yesterday. Apparently Girardi is digging him as well, bc he will be starting instead of Giese vs Texas. Should be interesting considering they hate him and he really hates them.

Today's game is in the bottom of the sixth at the time of this post and its 3-2 Yankees.

Observations and thoughts so far...

David Wright ain't that hot. I really don't get it.

I'm out of love with Derek today (I have this love hate thing with him, as a man not a player. I love Derek the player.)

Thank effin god that Igawa got sent back down. They need to trade that fool and get something for him...geez

Enjoy the game kids.....Marisol/Yankeehottie

Friday, June 27, 2008

I think Jeter is banging Minka Kelly

Ok so I just went on the worst date of my life, total douche, but I got some juicy info..
I'm usually up on the Yankee gossip but this passed me by...
Allegedly 2 weeks ago some people saw Derek Jeter leaving a Hotel in Manhattan with Minka Kelly, shes an actress on Friday Night Lights. A few days later a friend of a friend that is the manager of an upscale gym in that same area received a phone call saying Derek was coming to the gym under an alias. When said alias arrived it was an older white dude, said manager googled white dudes name and turns out he was a guitarist for Aerosmith in the 80's, also in that Google search it turns out he is Minkas dad. So why would Jeter be hooking up Minkas dad? hmmmm...... I'm just saying....
xoxox yankee hottie
P.S. Farnsworth throwing the heat tonight...dang.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday Derek! Theres a present I would love to give you, but then again it would still be a typical Thursday night for you I'm sure.
*Derek has already extended his hitting streak to 14 games tonight. Yanks up 3 zip in the first.

Yankees vs Pirates 6.26.08

So here's the lineup kids...

YANKEES (42-36)
Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Molina C
Mussina RHP

Looks like Damon will be back tonight. Lets hope that foot doesn't act up. Matsui is said to be available to DH tonight but we also heard that two nights ago and we saw Jose Molina instead? Alrighty.

Jeter looks to extend his 13 game hitting streak, Robbie Cano will try to keep the life in his bat and if Alberto Gonzalez gets an at bat pray he actually does something.

Moose will be on the mound tonight. Mooooooooooose. Just wanted to type it out.

This is very important, a message to all Yankees...
AWAY FROM DIRTY HERPES SANCHEZ! AVOID ALL CONTACT, hes obviously in the midst of an outbreak.

I want to thank J-Boogie for the shout out on his blog today, I'm feeling the love brotha. You guys should check it his blog, A nice overview of the games and witty opinions.

I will probably catch the first few innings and then I have dinner plans, but I will be keeping track via my sidekick. Enjoy the game bitches!

xo Yankeehottie

Update : Game has been rained out....Makeup on July 10th.... Double header tomorrow mother fuckers...Meaning when I get outta work I can go to a bar and watch the game, but I have a date tomorrow night, bad if i show slurring and looking for a tv to watch the second game?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yankees answer back. Yanks vs Pirates 6.25.08

Now this what I expect from a Yankee game! And I got to watch it all in glorious HD (thanks to my friend who just got a wonderful HD tv, I'm not sure but I think you may find me coming over alot more!). Joba had an awesome start tonight and got his first major league win (yay Joba!). This kid has got amazing stuff and the decision to make him a starter was the right one. He's going to make history. yup Yankeehottie is calling it!! The boys were swinging there bats mighty well tonight all resulting in a 10-0 win for the Yankees. Here's some observations and odds and ends from the game..

I got to see Justin Christian in HD...hes no longer a contender...

The pirates have some ugly fucking players! They all look just a tad "special".

Apparently some of the Pirates share the same prostitute, did you see Dirty Herpes Sanchez? (The second baseman) Yeah that's def a herp on his lip and I saw it on another player but cant recall the name. Wrap it up boys!!

The bridge behind that stadium is possibly a painting.

Joba scares me when he plays with his mouthpiece.

Doug Menkewhatever needs to stop sucking the Yankee's dick.

Giambis stache is brown as hell, it gets better and better I tell ya.

My ex boyfriend Andy Phillips has cleared waivers and gone to the Mets. Out of all the cities in the world, you had to come in to mine....

On another note, I want to thank the people who come to read my little blog, its not full of stats and all that but I figure theres plenty of those blogs, its just my personal opinion with a little bit of humor, I read your comments and it means alot, keep em coming!

xoxoxo Marisol

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yanks vs Pirates

Didnt catch the game (watching the encore now), but from what I'm reading we lost 12-5 Pirates. Really Yankees? Really? For fuck sake. (Just woke up , Im cranky!)

Anyway, Justin Christian. Justin got called up from triple A and made a fine debut. Ahhh Justin, I cant let you creep into my heart just yet, I've been burned by Shelly Duncan

Check out Peter Abraham's updates on the game this evening*

*loves the sarcasm



The Disgraceful Player of the game was the phony baloney Kyle Farnsworthless. He faked an injury because he didn’t want to keep stinking it up. He’s not a real man. He grabbed his crotch about a billion times like a freak and then pretended he was injured. That’s not only a disgrace, but a nightmare.


I could not stop laughing when I read this. I dont think he faked an injury, but I did notice the excessive crotch grabbing. I was grossed out.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yankees finally beat the Reds...

So I went to Saturdays game vs the Reds and as you know by now we lost 6-0. But all in all it was still a great day. I took my friend Christine with me, she was visiting New York for the first time and I figured it would be a perfect NY experience. The weather was gorgeous and our seats were amazing. We even got a smile from Jay Bruce after screaming his name. It was cute ;)

But the following day the Yankees avoided the sweep by beating the Reds 4-1.

The Yanks will now begin a series against the Pirates tomorrow and then a series vs the Mets (which I am trying to go too). Sidney Ponson is said to be starting on Friday vs the Mets. We shall see how this move works out....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seven baby, seven.

I just watched the game via MLB.TV at work. Yes Im an addict. I just kept the screen small and muted the sound so nobody caught on, even tho I was clapping here and there (that drew a few looks). Anyways this is the Yanks 7th win in a row. This was Jobas 4th start and it was a tad rough. He only allowed one run but was struggling here and there allowing walks and not being consistent. I have faith my boy will shake it off ;)

Yankees 2
Padres 1

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yanks beat Padres, 6th win in a row...

And the runs keep pouring in....

I actually missed this game ( but about to turn on the Encore) bc I went to see Sex and the City ....Yes Im a big fuckin girl I know. From what I understand A rod hit number 14 of the season. Boy is on a tear!

Go Yanks!

P.S. Won my stubhub auction! I'll be in attendence to see if Giese can get the job done. Main Box 333. Stop by and say hi ;)


Just getting to my check today. Lots of juicy tidbits from Peter Abraham.

P.S. Love his whole take on the Minaya/Mets mess

Yanks beat up Padres; win 5th straight game.

The Yankees unloaded on the Padres last night for their fifth straight win. For the first time this season the Yankees are 5 games over .500. Jason "The Stache" Giambi connected for 2 homers(I think I heard an announcer say "Upper Lip, Upper Deck?) and Arod connected for 1 homer and a double. I believe even Robbie Cano actually touched the ball with his bat for a double (shocking I know!).

Andy Pettite pitched a great game with 9 strikeouts and allowing no runs. He was using all his pitches and switching them up very nicely. He and Posada seemed to have a nice flow going last night, it was a great game to watch.

Final score Yankees 8
Padres 0

Lets go Yanks! I have to go and check on the auction I'm watching on stubhub for tix to Saturdays game. Im going to this effin game damnitt.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some views on Sabathia...

Talk of several teams being interested in Sabathia and that the Yanks are not the front runner.

I understand that Phil Hughes has great stuff somewhere but to be considered untouchable by Cashman? Dont make the same mistake twice buddy....

Arod and Pete Rose BFFs?

Nice article from about how the 2 baseball lagends connected.

Wang out till September; Baby Boss pissed.

Just when things seemed to be going good for the Yanks, disaster strikes. I had such a bad feeling watching Wang on the bases in that game, he shouldve been out at first, with that terrible bunt. When I saw him running to second base it was like watching a deer in headlights, so I just had a bad feeling and it happened.

What happens from here? As of now Cashman says he will look withing to fix the problem. Dan Giese is scheduled to replace Wang in his next start. Giese has been good in situations like this so far, lets hope he delivers. But dont let that stop the CC Sabathia rumors. If he becomes available, I dont care what they are saying now, we are dropping money on this guy and making a trade, we've got plenty of players in the minors right now that would be a suitable trade.

Yankees vs Padres tonight. Andy Pettite on the mound.

Willie Randolph gets the boot.

WOW. You let the guy fly all the way to the west coast, win the game and then fire him in the middle of the night. Classy.

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