Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny goes to LA, Ramirez suspended

So the blockbuster trade of the season.... is Manny Ramirez going to the LA Dodgers. As part of a three way deal, Boston will get Jason Bay and pay off the rest of Manny's contract, the Pirates will get 4 minor league prospects. Andy Larouche will go to the Pirates from the Dodgers, OF Brandon Moss and pitcher Craig Hansen will go to the Pirates from the Red Sox.
That's the good news for the Yankees, the Bad news is the other Ramirez (Edwar) has been suspended for 3 games for intentionally throwing at Kevin Millar. He plans to appeal.

Such Bullshit, our players get suspensions for wiping their asses the wrong way. Good for you Edwar! And I'm happy it was Millar you threw at, hes the right tool for the job.

And lastly Chad Moeller was DFA'd.....did I even have to type that?

Here's some pics for the hell of it :)


Manny REALLY wants to leave Boston...

Manny is so effin crazy. How is Boston mistreating him? Am I missing something? Oh just that he's bat shit crazy........
Check out this picture and article....,97458

Cashman, that sly bastard.

So in a trade NOBODY saw coming the Yankees acquired catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth.

I like the trade because we obviously need a reliable catcher, Chad Moeller just sucks. Sorry Chad but you are not terrific. I was shocked because Kyle has been pretty good as of late but again, you just never know when he's gonna shit the bed. From what I read poor Kyle cried. I knew he was going to be upset, hes been through alot with the Yankees and because he played such a strong role when Joba was transitioned to a starter, I'm sure he felt very secure there. See ya Farnsie!

I'm just super excited that I get to say the word pudge now. Who doesn't love the word pudge? Me and my dad say pudge and then laugh because he ain't so pudgy anymore. Why do you think that could be? hmmmmmm......

So I'm assuming Moeller won't be around much longer? And if thats true, does this mean the end of the road for Darrell Rasner? We can't expect to win series if we continue with both Ponson and Rasner.

Who do you think should go?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yankees vs O's 7.29.08

Wow. Why do we suck so hard against this team? Rasner didn't have a terrific outing but he gets ZERO run support. Hes out there battling and no support, poor guy.

Leave it to Arod to get a solo homerun with NOBODY on base as usual. At least it was only 2 to 1 and Marte comes in and blows it making it 6-1.

Not only that, but Micheal Kay HAD to bring up Carl Pavano as if that's even a possibility. HE DON'T WANNA PITCH. Why do you pretend to ignore this fact, hes taking the money and running, that's what he wants you toolbag. Is it me, or does Kay hate the Yankees? I think he does, go announce for Boston you over the hill Ryan Seacrest of sports wannabe.

I'm sorry, I'm a tad bitchy today.

Hey Rasner, if you need a hug, I'm here for you. I'm quite cushy ;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yankees vs Baltimore O's 7.28.08

What a terrible game that was last night...I had a flashback of the Yankees from before the All Star break.

The Yankees are still playing a little lackluster against the O's as of right now in the 4th inning. Have I mentioned my hatred of Kevin Millar before?

I'm happy Paul O Neil is announcing tho, he takes away from M Kay a little bit which is a good thing.

I want to take a moment to thank the people who have been visiting my blog means alot. I also want to invite you to add me on myspace if you have a profile there.

Mike Mussina has given up 4 runs so far. In some non shocking news posada has decided to go ahead and have season ending surgery, this from

NEW YORK -- Yankees catcher Jorge Posada will have surgery on his ailing right shoulder and miss the rest of the 2008 season.
When Posada was placed on the disabled list July 20, the veteran backstop said he was given two weeks by the team to decide whether he wanted to delay the surgery on the right labrum.
If Posada decided to delay the procedure, he would've likely served as a designated hitter for the rest of the season while knowing such a move might prevent him from starting the 2009 season on time.
Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said the recent acquisition of Xavier Nady gave the club a reliable hitter and took the pressure off Posada. After meeting first with Hal and Hank Steinbrenner, Cashman met with manager Joe Girardi and Posada before Monday night's series opener against Baltimore.
"I think this is also what [Posada] wants to do," Cashman said. "He said, 'I agree, 100 percent.' He was willing to do what we wanted when there was a need, so he was delaying the surgery for that need. Now that we have a hitter, I think this was predictable."

UPDATE: I'm turning the game off because the Yankees have decided to take the night off apparantley. Goodnite.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yankee vs Boston series at Fenway

I was in gypsy mode this weekend so tis the reason I have not been blogging, but I have been watching or listening to every game. So far....

Joba Chamberlain is a beast. Just filthy. Also, really really hates Kevin Youkilis. Youk is a scary looking dude, I give Joba credit for going after him. Actually wait. Didn't he get pimped smacked by Manny Ramirez?

The Yankees have won 8 in a row and are closing in on Boston in the standings.

We made a really nice trade with the Pirates for Nady and Marte for a few prospects. Cashman is a genius.

Is Nady good looking? I think he might be. To make room my boyfriend peanut head was demoted and LaTroy Hawkins was DFA'd(everyone rejoice!).

Boston retaliated by hitting Arod with 96? mph pitch. I'm super excited for the brawl that will probably happen tonight. Who do you think would win?

Ponson is pitching tonight and its brutal already. He has given up 4 runs in the first 2 innings. This whole time I believe hes been lucky because he has gotten alot of run support, but luck runs out. I hope just not tonight.

Some drama happening with Boston the past few days.

Is psychological testing mandatory in MLB? Just curious.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yanks take 6th in a row, Moose on the loose,,,,

That was a corny moose thread title wasn't it? Yeah it was.

Yankees win this one 5-1, this is 6 in a row for our boys. Playoffs? huh? Did you hear that?

Mike Mussina is just shutting them all down. Who would have thought Moose would be the reliable one this season. He now has a 3.26 ERA.

Big sexy is the doofiest thing I have ever seen on the field...what the hell is he doing at first base? Is he even awake out there...I almost feel bad for him, like he's the elephant man. Poor lad.

Sorry kids the creative juices have not been flowing for a few days, I'm hoping things will be back to normal soon.

Lastly, Hawkins came into the game and sucked as usual....My friends at said it best...

"At this point I think I just feel bad for Hawkins. They put him in with a 5 - 0 lead, he gives up a series of hits that leads to a run scoring and runners on the corner, and then he has to give it up to Mariano to get the last out, which he did with a strikeout. The point is, they shouldn't have had to use Mariano. Hawkins is the Farnsworth of last season and there's no worse person to be then the Farnsworth of last season."

Remember when Farnsworth would come into a game and you would just change the channel on your TV?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jorge Posada back on the DL

The Yankees announced yesterday that they have placed Jorge Posada on the DL. It is being said that Jorge will have to have season ending surgery in order for him to start next season. Jorge had previously missed about a month of playing after being placed on the DL for a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder. When he returned he just wasnt playing to his full capacity, which led many to speculate that his arm was still in pain. He was also not being used as much as he usually would be, making appearances in games at first base and DH more than catching, making Molina the Yankees main catcher.

The Yankees have been carrying three catchers since Jorges injury. The third catcher being this guy named Chad Moeller. Hes been with the Yankees almost all season. I know, I know, you dont know who I'm speaking of. He's the guy that when he bats he looks like a bobble head? Not sure if that helps. So they do have some backup if Jorge proceeds with surgery, which he most likely will.

Joe Girardi kept insisting to the press that Posada's shoulder was getting better. And at times Posada even expressed his frustration with not being played in his position. Finally the issue came to a head when Posada stuffed Girardi into a locker and left him there overnight. Girardi approached Jorge and explained that things couldnt continue on this way. "Listen Jorge" he said. "Our old asses just cant be doing retarded things like this to each other. I think we should thumb wrestle." Jorge agreed. The guys went 2 out of 3 with the winner being Girardi. Posada the loser had to finally cave in and admit his shoulder wasn't feeling right. Girardi grabbed him before he walked away and whispered "Don't forget I'm a motherfucking genius kid, now don't talk shit about me to the press ever again or I will do you a favor a cut those Dumbo ears off for you." I don't think Jorge will be crossing Mr. Girardi again. For now.

People in the clubhouse having been noticing a change in Girardi's demeanor, saying he seems happier. "He loves Chad. He feels Chad is so charming and witty, he brings a sense of class to the bench." a source said.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I hate New Jersey

Lats night I went to Yogi Berra stadium to watch an independent league game. Was actually lots of fun! Stadium is pretty small as I'm sure you would imagine, which was great for me because I could heckle all the players very loudly and ya know they heard my loud ass. That part was all good.

But after the game.....

Lets just say we ended up in a town called Whippany? Yeah. Everything in whippany closes at 11:30. No booze, no food, no car. Got back to New York city this morning. I hate NJ.

I'm watching the Encore on Yes right now, so I'm playing a little catchup right now.

How did Big Sexy (Sexson) do last night? Thoughts?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Im an all star and I deserve a break...

If you haven't noticed I'm taking a few days break...when the Yanks return I'll return.

Actually I have been hired as an "A-rod companion". Yeah apparently nobody wants to hang out with the poor guy anymore. Isn't that terrible? we walk down the street and girls just run from him.

So sad.

In the meantime please feel free to hit me up on myspace


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Josh Hamilton Derby

Home watching the Homerun derby. I'm officially in love with Josh Hamilton. Those tattoos just put me over the edge. I really need to take my friend Matt's advice and move to the midwest because I have a thing for midwestrn gentleman. But I'm 25, in the midwest I'm over the hill, at this age I should be married with three kids over there. You see the dilema?

Why do these players all have 4 year old kids at the derby with them? I dont need to be reminded that these players have kids. Its ruining the whole fantasy for me. I mean do they think chicks tune into the homerun derby to see how many homers they can blast? Pfffff. Get with the program gentlemen.

Ok, Ryan Braun, lets discuss. I was watching an interview with him before the derby, thus he was out of uniform in regular clothes. Could it be that Ryan is a homosexual? I dont want to start a rumor here but that man was exceptionally well groomed, I mean perfect. I did have the sound off and when I looked up I said to myself "ooo who is this good looking gay man?". Someone get at me on this.

Why the hell am I not at the homerun derby?! I live in NY. Oh wait, because I'm a broke bitch.

Josh Hamilton is up...he says hes gonna hit one out of the park...shit he just hit the back wall 502 ft. Wowza.

Update: 15 homers so far. The rest of these boys should be this is a derby!

I cant even shaking....28 homers breaking records, ball out of the park. Josh Hamilton...greatest moments at the stadium....that was one of the sickest things Ive ever seen. Ever. Sick.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

R.I.P. Bobby Murcer

From AP:

NEW YORK (AP)—Bobby Murcer, a five-time All-Star outfielder who spent nearly four decades with the New York Yankees as a player, executive and announcer, has died. He was 62.

The Yankees said Murcer died Saturday due to complications from brain cancer. He was surrounded by family at Mercy Hospital in his hometown of Oklahoma City, the team said.

“Bobby Murcer was a born Yankee, a great guy, very well-liked and a true friend of mine,” owner George Steinbrenner said. “I extend my deepest sympathies to his wife Kay, their children and grandchildren. I will really miss the guy.”

Murcer was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Christmas Eve 2006 after having headaches. He had surgery that week in Houston and doctors later determined the tumor was malignant. Determined to be around his beloved Yankees, Murcer returned to the broadcast booth last year and briefly this season.

The only person to play with Mickey Mantle and Don Mattingly, the popular Murcer hit .277 with 252 home runs and 1,043 RBIs in 17 seasons with the Yankees, San Francisco and the Chicago Cubs. He made the All-Star team in both leagues and won a Gold Glove.

“All of Major League Baseball is saddened today by the passing of Bobby Murcer, particularly on the eve of this historic All-Star game at Yankee Stadium, a place he called home for so many years,” commissioner Bud Selig said. “Bobby was a gentleman, a great ambassador for baseball, and a true leader both on and off the field. He was a man of great heart and compassion.”

Sadness. I grew up a part of Bobby Murcer's second generation of fans that listened to him as an announcer. He always came off as such a nice guy and so knowledgeable about the game. It so weird to know that we will never hear him announce another game. He will be deeply missed by all Yankee Fans.

Yankees VS Jays 7.12.08

Thank god I wasn't home blogging about the game yesterday because I would have been pretty bored. As you all probably know by now Roy Halladay dominated the Yankees resulting in a 4-2 loss to the Jays. The Yankees took the night off last night apparently.

But today is a new day. Pitching. Terrible. This is a long game so far. Game started at 1 o clock, its now 2:45 and we are only in the bottom of the 4th. Rasner is just terrible. Jay's pitching is no better, I mean, Melky is even getting hits in this game, pffff.

good highlights so far...
Derek Jeter, second pitch of the game, blasts career homerun 200. Alex Rodriguez hits HR 537 to pass Mickey Mantle on the list. Boy does Toronto hate A-Rod, they booed the shit out of him when he hit that homer. Oh well assholes!

I'm in the mood for a Giambi blast. Could happen.

This just doesn't feel the same without Alex Rios, I have nobody to rip on. No Michael Kay either. Shit. No fun. How cute is David Cone? Not looks wise, just the things he says, he just seems like an all around sweetheart.

I'm not sure what moves will be made but I dont expect to see Rasner a part of the rotation for much longer. Lets face it, he got lucky today. The Blue Jay's pitching was just worse than his and our bullpen was able to hold the lead.

Yanks win this one 9-4

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stache Rally not enough, Stupid Pirates

Hey hey! I've been running around so was not able to post. Didn't see the game yesterday but was stoked we won. Those were 2 very important games.

Giambi came in third in Final Vote. Third?! Sadness. So no all star game for the big G.

Watching the Yanks vs Pirates game, Pirates up 4-2 thanks to some guy Mclouth. heard of him? Yeah me either. Looks like we are gonna lose this one kids. I'm looking forward to the Toronto series, then its All Star madness. NYC is gonna be nuts....if anyone is going please write about your experience in comments or send me pics and I could post em here...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yankees vs Tampa Bay 7.8.08

Im so excited and I just cant hide it people....Are ya'll ready for some baseball?! I didnt know what to do with myself last night.

Lots of things going on, I mentioned earlier that there is a blog to support Jason Giambi and his stache, which is just hysterical. Now the Yankees are jumping on the stache wagon ( ) by giving away fake staches to fans who attend the game tomorrow! Awesome. Giambi for final vote! Do it people.

We need to win these games! No choice. lol. I'm officially amped right now. Lets go Yanks!!!

I'll check in later with the observation portion of this game...I know its your favorite part.

UPDATE: Nice win for the Yanks, completely shut em down!! Just when you think the worst they come back and give you their best! Tis is the roller coaster life of the Yankees.

BJ Upton looks like a hammer head shark?

Does a solo homerun make me like Melky Cabrera again? it does not.

I wanna hang off of Andy Pettite's bottom juicy lip. Is that "steroid lips" I see?

Derek with his amazing jump and throw move, its still there! Hi Hater, Hi hater....keep talking smack bitches but Jetes still got it.

The way the Yankees played tonight reminded me of the Yankees last season who came all the way back to make the playoffs. This is how we need to play the rest of the season. So I'm all about the winning and then I think about the fact Ponson is pitching tomorrow. :/ Lets shutdown Tampa boys!!

Totally off subject...What is Brett Favres problem? Go away! ok had to get that outta my system Nite bitches!!

xoxoxo Yankehottie

This chick is funny.

He did it again!
Last year, Alex Rodriguez was caught with a stripper (in Toronto) and now…
Another titty shaker has come forward, saying she hooked up with the New York Yankees star.
We're sure A-Rod's soon-to ex, Cynthia, would love to speak with Candice Houlihan.
Houlihan, a "former" stripper, is speaking out about her two-night stand with A-Rod.
Candice says she slept with A-Rod back in 2004, while he was in town to play the Red Sox.
Houlihan goes on to say that his wife "did the right thing" by filing for divorce.
The "former" stripper now turn hairdresser adds, “A leopard doesn’t change his spots. Good for her, I think she’s doing the smart thing. And she’ll probably get tons of cash.”
says that she went to the baseball game four years ago and was seated near the visitor's dugout.
Her and her friends (stripper friends?) then started "hootin' and hollerin' at" A-Rod.
She says, "We were really bustin’ his chops and he walked over to us and I thought he was going to yell at us. But he introduced himself, asked me who I was and if I wanted to meet up for drinks later. I was like ‘Hell, yeah!’ ”
Of the affair, Houlihan pretends to care by saying, “It was killing me and I felt bad afterwards. I’m not a bad person. I know how it feels to be cheated on, it sucks. But a couple of drinks later, I didn’t notice all that much, to tell you the truth.”
She continues, “I told him I was a basketball player in high school and we talked a lot about that. It’s a little weird because he was a really nice guy.”
Candy then says she and her friends looked up info on A-Rod online the next day and were surprised to find out his wife was pregnant with their first child. She added, “We were all freaking out.”
But that didn't stop her from hooking up with him AGAIN!
When A-Rod returned to town to play for the American League Championship Series, Candice met him up and they had sex one more time.
She adds, “He said he had a big game the next day. I like to say I helped us win. I reversed the curse!”


The most incredible thing I have ever seen.

Go. Now. Do it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

That bitch gonna make bank.

MIAMI -- Alex Rodriguez's wife filed for divorce Monday, calling her husband an adulterer who "emotionally abandoned his wife and children."

"The marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken because of the husband's extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct," according to Cynthia Rodriguez's petition for dissolution of marriage, filed Monday in the family division of Miami-Dade County Circuit Court.

The New York Yankees third baseman, who earned his 12th All-Star selection Sunday, has refused to comment on his relationship with the pop singer Madonna, who denied any romantic involvement with the slugger in a statement posted Sunday on

"The petitioner has exhausted every effort to salvage the marriage of the parties," Cynthia Rodriguez said in the filing. "However, Alex has emotionally abandoned his wife and children and has left her with no choice but to divorce him."

The couple, who married in November 2002, have a $12 million, six-bedroom house in the upscale Miami suburb of Coral Gables. A company run by a corporation controlled by Rodriguez bought an apartment at Trump Park Avenue in Manhattan for $7.4 million in July 2005.

Cynthia Rodriguez has asked for primary custody of their two children, as well as child support and alimony.

Their two daughters are Natasha Alexander, 3, and 2-month-old Ella Alexander.

The filing comes just days after the third baseman was linked to Madonna in various media outlets.

"I brought my kids to a Yankee game," Madonna said in the statement. "I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he may choose to study."

Cynthia Rodriguez's lawyer, Maurice Kutner, declined to elaborate on the filing.

"Cynthia has made it very clear to me that she wants to take the high road and protect her children and herself. There's no vindictiveness here," Kutner said. "She wants to resolve the issues between Alex and herself in an amicable fashion."

The divorce petition was filed the day after Rodriguez hit his 536th homer, tying Yankees Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle for 13th.

Rodriguez is in the first season of a $275 million, 10-year contract with the Yankees, a deal that allows him to earn up to $305 million. He made $185.45 million from 2001-7 from his contract with the Texas Rangers and Yankees.

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press

That 3 month old was just insurance to get some more $$$$!! Smart lady that Cynthia is!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yankees vs Red Sox 7.6.08

Congrats Alex Rodriguez! Number 536 against Tim Wakefield. Nice way to get on the board in the second inning. Number 536 ties him with Mickey Mantle.

Update: tied 4-4 top of the ninth and Mo is on the mound. 2 out, Manny Ramirez pinch hitting with a man on 3rd.

Observations from the game....

Joe Girardi reminds me of my father when he gets mad, veins popping out of the neck and everything.

(he struck Manny out! But Manny never even swung the bat, I get the feeling he wasnt in the mood to play?)

Sean Casey looks fucking CRAZY. Is he drunk?

Youkilis is such a bitch. Like Joba wanted to hit you, shut up and stop complaining you fucking weird beard.

Cash has a case of gay face.

FINAL: My boyfriend laces a single up the middle to bring in Robinson Cano to win the game!! By now you should know who my boyfriend is.

Cynthia getting ready to divorce ARod.

According to this C-Rod has hired attorneys. Alex is going to be single again. This is one of the happiest moments of my life. Prices of tickets on the third base line just skyrocketed.

I'm Back

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!! I know I did. I was traveling around this weekend so I was not able to update...I didnt watch any of the Boston series so I've missed alot apparently! Johnny Damon's could-have-been-amazing play that will more than likely land him on the DL for the first time in his career, Mike Mussinas's awesomeness and Mariano Rivera's great escape for the Yankee's win yesterday. Im a bad blogger.

But I did manage to see that ARod has been "Brainwashed". LMFAO

Speaking of Alex, he and Jeter are officially on the AL allstar team. Are you as shocked as I am? lol

So tonight its Jobamania's turn vs Boston. Cant wait.

Go Yanks!!!

Oh yeah....Fuck Varitek.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yanks vs Red Sox

Got home in time to see this game from the 8th inning. I have nothing good to say and neither did Joe Girardi to his team afterwards. I thought Joe was gonna smack a bitch at the press conference afterwards. Geez.
Yankees are sleeping and playing, sleeping and are they doing that?

Happy 4th of July bitches!!! Be safe and have fun....I doubt I will catch the game tomorrow, I will keep tabs on my phone though....feel free to email me on my sidekick at any point to chat about the game

I'm taking my hot ass tonight w the gays!
Xoxoxo Marisol

Melky, Ponson,Matsui and the hoopla...

-All the happiness about Melky Cabrera being benched last night will fade away tonight, he'll be back in center field tonight.

-Ponson will get another shot at the rotation despite getting hit hard last night giving up 7 runs.

- Matsui was expected to begin batting practice today but wont; nobody seems to know how long he will be out. I don't get a good feeling about this :(

-Shelly Duncan's season could be over after separating his right shoulder diving to catch a ball. Another one bites the dust. I'm actually surprised something like this hasn't happened sooner, he seems to throw himself around quite a bit. You know he has that retard strength, but you cant abuse it Shell!

- Tonight's the night, the beginning of a tough and important stretch for the Yankees. A four game series against the Red Sox then the 1st place Rays. We need wins is the getting out of 3rd place is even a thought. C'mon boys!

- Lastly, the Cynthia and Lenny Kravitz story is of course front page news here, (if you don't know what I'm talking about see the post below this). What do YOU think of all the drama? True? False? Who gives a shit? Leave some comments and let me know. Until tonight...xoxoxoxox Marisol

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is getting ridiculous..

I'll be updating about the game in the post below.

So I'm making the rounds right now to all my favorite sites and I just came across this...

This shit is crazy. Lenny Kravitz?! If its true kudos to Cynthia A) For getting Arod back for his nonsense last season with a certain stripper. B) Pulling Lenny! dang! But I highly doubt this, didn't she just have a baby in April? Maybe this is being put out to the media by the Rodriguez's people so Cynthia doesn't look like some schmuck who keeps getting cheated on, as if anyone really cares...we only care about one Rodriguez!!!

Yanks vs Rangers 7.2.08

Just got home around 9 o clock, just in time to see Sir Sidney Ponson blow a lovely 3 run lead the Yankees had. Maybe Im a jinx? Literally it was as soon as I turned it on. Anyways, its nice to see Melky out of the lineup. Girardi was probably going to be murdered on the streets of the Bronx if he didnt make that move. I've been reading comments and to put it lightly, their not very nice, lol. Brett Gardner is up and I see he's still looking for a hit. C'mon kid! ( He draws a walk.)

Just read on Pete Abrahams blog that Shelly is on the DL in Scranton. Get well Shelly! Always a special place in my heart for you!

Update: This is now an 11-7 ball game. Go yanks! And my boy...

Brett Gardner pops his cherry!! Yay! A nice single that drives in a run to make it 11-7. Then our boy steals 2nd base. Make the score 12-7 on a double from Johnny Damon. Something to smile about again :)

UPDATE: Arod with a solo homer. He is now number 14 on the all time homerun list. Congrats homie. Arod always plays better when..never mind.

Update: 18-7 people. Nobody was even warming up in the Rangers bullpen. I believe it was a rookie that the Rangers put in the started the blast bonanza. Girardi wants to go to bed early tonight so he put Alberto Gonzalez in the game to end the inning. And to close it out.....Latroy Hawkins. Why not! He's fucking awesome. Pfffffffffffff One out away....goodnight kids! Enjoy the win.




Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yankees vs. Rangers 7.1.08

YANKEES (44-39)
Damon DH
Gardner LF
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Posada C
Cano 2B
Betemit SS
Cabrera CF
Chamberlain RHP

Thats the lineup via Pete Abraham's blog.

I was really hoping they would give Melky a rest and use Gardner in CF. Melky was supposed to be the next great thing, but that was last season. This season Melky is the dead weight at the end of the lineup right behind Cano. Ugh.

Derek Jeter is getting a night off by the looks of things and Betemit will play shortstop...hmmmm.

I wonder if Girardi ever figured out the Rubik's Cube in the eighties

Also: WTF?!?!

Back in the day this would be a hot couple. Bt now I just dont see it. I dont think Madonna is really Arods type. I wont say what that type is because every time I type it sounds bad but I don't mean it that way. Ya dig?

Some observations and thoughts on the game so far (top of the 8th, tied at 2)

Michael Kay is obsessed with little boys; the name Saltalamacchia.

Kay has also referenced "In Living Color." lol

Somebody should tell Robinson Cano that the season started in April, not today. Try it in spanish next time, maybe that will work.

I hope Melky Cabrera has someone he can cry to at night.

Joe Girardi has balls with the things he does, but sometimes they pay off...hello David Robertson!

I hope Sidney Ponson chews someones face off tomorrow, it wont happen but it would be awesome. I know I'm sick.

Update: Yankees just lost this game by 1 run AGAIN! Bottom of the 9th inning Betimit gets on base, no outs. On deck...MELKY CABRERA.. wait for pinch hitter, a pinch runner but not a pinch hitter! And if that didnt get you going, Girardi doesnt even have Melky bunting. Melky hits into a double play, Johnny Damon lines out to first. End of ball game.

"You can't fire a whole team, in the end one person needs to take the blame."

Goodnight kids.
xoxoxox Marisol

Poor Andy

Not Pettite, Phillips.

Andy Phillips has been designated for assignment from the Mets. What was that, like 5 days?