Monday, November 24, 2008

Nothing to do with baseball whatsoever....

Madonna's concert fucking rocked! I have seen here in concert once before but this was just simply amazing. She reworked all her songs so everything sounded fresh and new. God bless that women for being able to run sing and dance a 2 hour set at 50 years old. I wish I could do that NOW! lol

Kudos to Arod for tapping that ass.....haha, No Arod sighting friends :(


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its been a long time...

I shouldn't have left you without a dope blog to laugh too...

Haha Yup I'm back and corny as ever! Hope everyone been well. My apologies for lack of blogging but I've been working alot and trying to stay positive with our current economic situation...hope you are as well.

So... Nick Swisher ladies and gentleman! I'm just excited that I can say Swish or Swisherdick or Swisherdouche ...its the little things that make me happy :)

In sad but not the least bit shocking news we must bid farewell to Jason "sweaty bear" Giambi. Our connection was strong and its going to take a little while to fix my broken heart. I mean who will be left for me? Arod has been stolen from me by Madonna (who I am going to see this Saturday in AC, Yay! god I'm praying for an Arod sighting!), Jeter is still with Minka whoever and Joba cant drive anywhere so its been making things a tad difficult on our relationship. Cm on Yankees!! Grab a hottie for me, geez!!

Lastly, the C.C. Sabathia. Last I heard the Yankees were offering a record 1 billion dollars and a kidney from any memeber of staff if needed. Yeah, I wouldn't say yes right away either. I mean, who wants an old kidney?

My personal stance, the Yankees should just start selling pieces of toilet paper that Derek Jeter
wiped his ass with on Ebay to raise more money if needed to go after every good free agent we need. I CANNOT suffer through another horrible season of Yankees baseball.

What do you think?