Friday, January 9, 2009

Yankee Hottie does spring training.

I'll be heading down to Tampa for a weekend with my partner in crime Kat. We will be taking in the March 6th and 7th games, I believe our tickets are lower level behind home plate. I know alot of you go down for spring training so if your there please come and say hello! Its our first time going so maybe you could show a city gal around :)

Somebody tell Phil Coke he should bring security!



Gary W. Marchese Jr. said...

Yeah, have fun, it is great down there. Have you ever been?

Bob Ruffolo said...

I think Coke is going to have an unbelievable year.

She-Fan said...

Hey, that's when I'm going to be there! I'm having a signing at the Barnes & Noble Carrollwood store, near the stadium, at 1 pm on Mar 6. Can you and Kat come? I'm going to the game that night too. Very excited.

Marisol said...

Ive never been Gary, Im so stoked!

And Yes I agree Bob he is going to have a fantastic season.

She Fan thats great! I will try and make it!!!