Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baseball Tonight UPDATED

The Yankees game will be on YES tonight and I believe CC Sabathia will be starting and Mariano Rivera will be making his spring debut...going to be interesting to see if CC bounces back from his last outing. And Mo, well lets see if Mo is still Mo but I'm guessing he wont have a problem.

I will also be tuning into Puerto Rico vs USA in the classic. I was so disappointed with PR's loss last night vs Venezuela, but both teams had phenomenal pitching. I knew after the 7th inning it was dunzo for PR. Will USA get some payback after the ass whooping PR put on them last time? I'm guessing not with all their injuries...what do you think?

Omg! I didn't realize we were playing the PIRATES! I've only been watching for a few minutes and I can feel the herpes in the air...if your new to the blog then I shall explain. The pirates share the same infested clubhouse hooker....thus they all have contracted herpes from her. I know this because if you look carefully there are always at least 3 herp visible on the mouth.....seems crazy I know but if you look you will see the evidence.


Phillip said...

This is why it's good to read this blog - herpes updates for MLB teams.

Marisol said...

You got it...I am the source for MLB herpes updates!

Aaron said...

Any idea if Nady and Marte had to get treatment for this following the trade?