Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 2 in Tampa...UPDATED* with pics and video

So my second day in Tampa was a blast! I headed over to the field around 12ish. I got to catch the end of batting practice and I got my first up close encounter with Shelly Duncan! In person and up close I have to say, he doesnt look so ReRe! He's actually a handsome guy......

After that I took my seat in the stadium and proceeded to drink off my headache from the night before. Me and Kat went out to a bar called louie something or other. I remember its next to Blue Martini. Well, guess who I ran into...... Mr. Peter Abraham! Really nice guy and I just noticed now the nice little shoutout he gave me on his blog, thanks so much Pete! I knew something was up when I looked at my poll results (over to the right) and there was already 127 votes as opposed to the 27 I usually get in a week, lol. So if you are new to the blog, welcome and I hope you check in from time to time!! If your a heavy stat person this is not the blog for you, all I hope to do is give my take and offer some comic relief to you.

Anyway, game was great to watch. Wang was looking sharp on the mound as well as everyone else who pitched. My boy Phil Coke got an inning in so I was happy :). Tex made a really nice play at first and Cody Ransom was continuing his campaign to take Alex Rodriguez's position if needed (guy must be foaming at the mouth!). I want to take a second here to explain why I don't really blog about all the Arod crap, its simple really. I value my life....meaning I just cant get myself down thinking about someone who is obviously a tool. Great player but total moron. I have given Alex the benefit of the doubt time and time again and everytime he does something to show me hes a fool. So there you have it.
During the game I walked out to get a beer and I could see someone playing ball on the BP field with a little boy. It was Joba Chamberlain! It was the cutest thing ever, he was playing with a little boy (I'm assuming it was his son). .......It was a cool thing to see........


After the game me and Kat headed back to the hotel and stopped at the lobby bar for a drink and food because they had the USA game on. We ate and caught the rest of that game ( was surprised Canada had as close of a game as it did) Kat went to the room to take a nap as I should have done but no, I got sucked into the Puerto Rico vs Panama game(um where was all that Ivan Rodriguez talent last season when we had him?) and talking shit with a bunch of people at the bar, met a really great couple that were diehard Yankee fans....we talked about everything from the history of the team to the current situations the Yankees face. Next thing you know I'm drunk as a skunk and its 9pm, Kat came back to the bar dressed ready to go out for the evening so I went back to the room to change. I accomplished this task and then just passed the f*ck out! Knee high boots and all. Poor Kat tried to wake me but I was exhausted and done for the evening, which brings me to blogging at 6:30 am, I woke up at 4 am and haven't been able to fall back asleep. This is our last day in Tampa sadly and then its back to West Palm Beach till Monday night. I really had a great time here and will definitely be back next year. Now I know what to expect, where to stay, etc. Next year I am planning to stay for a whole week, a weekend just doesn't cut it, I just tried to get way too much done in such a short amount of time. Today the game plan is to get some breakfast, put on my bikini and layout by the pool to try and correct the RIDICULOUS Farmers tan I have going on! A farmers tan is when your arms get tan but you have a line from your T-shirt sleeves, not cute.

So thanks for reading bitches and enjoy your Sunday..

P.S. Phil Coke was not harmed on this trip.

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Aaon said...

I look foward to reading your blog I could use some comedy in sports at times.