Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go Puerto Rico!!

Just watched Puerto Rico whoop some ass in Miami vs team USA. Sorry Jeter, I love you but I am just totally rooting for PR to take it. Winning a game 11 to 1 putting the mercy rule in effect is a whooping.

This places the USA to play the Netherlands tomorrow, if they loose their out. What are the Netherlands still doing in this? Its an effin sin I tell ya!

I went to see Ms. Britney Spears last night in Newark at the Prudential center. It was a great show keeping you entertained the whole time. She looked great and her dancing was tight. One problem tho.....she didn't sing not one song live. I know its Britney so I didn't expect much vocally but not ONE song? A ballad maybe so your not worrying about choreography while singing...that to me was ridiculous. The other thing that surprised me was the amount of fans going so crazy for her. I know Brits got alot of fans but given everything that shes been through the past 2 years you would think some of them fell off the wagon. NOT the case, the only way I can describe the experience is by comparing it to another. The scene in the arena had to be what a Madonna concert was in the 80's at the height of her career to that generation. People were hyperventilating, chasing tour buses and dressed up as her in various videos or dressed up as part of the "Circus".....

I know my pictures are not the greatest but my camera is shit, what can I say. LOL.

So getting to some Yankees news.....Robinson Cano and Demaso Marte will undergo MRIs tomorrow for injuries they complained about after returning from the WBC...the ones they apparantly had before they got to their teams in the classic. Here's a word of advice guys, next time you have a pain or say something right away and DONT FUCKING PLAY BASEBALL THROUGH IT! What is wrong with people? Stupidity is whats wrong. Sorry I just got so frustrated when I heard that this morning, it took me back to last season when Phil Hughes said he had eyesight problems all season but didn't say anything. If you feel stupid coming on again, call me and I will knock it out of you..I mean what are friends for?

On another note, I wanted to tell you guys about my new favorite show, "Eastbound and Down" on HBO. Dude, its the funniest craziest comedy ever, its so wrong its good. I know the first four episodes are on demand right now so if you get some free time check it out. Its basically about a washed up pitcher who was great once upon a time in the majors and now has been reduced to teaching phys ed at an elementary school and moving in with his brother and his family. He just cant let go of the dream....

Happy Saturday night bitches..



Aaron said...

Not having HBO sucks i saw previews i really wanted to watch that show. Also i missed hardknocks last year with the cowboys.

Marisol said...

You better get on that shit Aaron!

Aaron said...

I know Life is tough. lol