Friday, March 20, 2009

On a serious note

I have launched a new website called "Help Me Sizzle". I started this website in an effort to help raise funds towards my culinary education. I had decided a while back that I wanted to pursue a career in the culinary arts, but due to various reasons , this is simply not in my financial reach.

Please check out the site, it details everything about my plan and goal.

I have placed a "Donate" button in the sidebar of this site. Whatever you can give, even if its twenty five cents, is deeply appreciated. Just by even forwarding this link to a friend helps a great deal.

Thank you for your time.



Aaron said...

Wish i could help. Sounds like a fun career i still have no idea what i wanna do. Youll love bartending i did it last summer you meet all kinds of interesting people. Try to stay away from the guys getting divorced though. They will ruin your day.

Marisol said...

will do Aaron!haha